Thursday, December 4, 2008

We Totally Decked the Halls Last Night!

Usually when it gets to the time to decorate, things around our house can get a little (a lot) stressful. There's goin' to buy the tree and we all have different opinions on which looks best. Then there's gettin' the stupid tree in the house. Needles every freakin' where and veins poppin' outta J's head. Then there's the BEST part. Gettin' the tangled, up messed up lights UNtangled and put on the tree. What really sucks is when there's one damn little bulb that keeps the WHOLE freakin' strand from workin'. Stupid lights.

The next issue is getting EVERYTHING out of the attic. The kids are always runnin' around all "I wanna help, I wanna help"....."hand it down to me, I can carry it, I won't drop it"...then CRASH! No, that hasnt' happend, but dammit.....just get outta my way and let me get the crap outta the attic!!!!! I know, I'm a bad mom. Whatever.
Last year, I decided I was done with real trees. The only thing good about them is the smell and Yankee Candle Company can take care of that. I forgot how easy it was to put up a PRE-LIT Christmas tree and decorate it. We started last night and FINISHED last night. Absolutely NO arguing. Well maybe a bit when J said he wanted to put a PBR can or a pentagram on the top of the tree. Seriously? WTF do you wanna put a pentagram on the tree for ya dummy? I can understand the PBR since it's the cool beer to drink now and all, but a freakin' pentagram? Gimme a break!

You know, I really love decorating'. I love Christmas. I love the smells, the lights, the ornaments, picking out gifts, and EVERYTHING about it. Freakin' LOVE IT!
What's weird though is I always end up having this sense of panic once the tree goes up and all the decorating is done and the gifts are under the tree. I love Christmas time so much and it's HERE but once all that is done, the panic kicks in of "Oh my god, it's almost over". It just flies by when your not a kid. The anticipation is come and gone with the blink of an eye. It's kinda when all the snow melts the day after it comes. That is IF it ever snows here! It sucks. I wish J would let me keep Christmas light up all year long. Just in the house. I want them EVERYWHERE. They make me happy.
So, the tree is up and decorated. The mantel looks purdy too. Now we just gotta get all my little houses up too! Fa, La, La, La, La,....La, La, La, LAAAA!


Anonymous said...

looks awesome yo!


Stitchblade said...

You've one a MAJOR award!

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