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Santa Came to Town!

J and I woke up around 7:30 Christmas morning and the kids were still totally sacked out. I've always told them they have to wait wait until they can see sunlight before they could get outta bed. I've always worried one of them would get up after an hour of sleep thinking it had been all night and they'd totally catch Santa and Mrs. Claus putting out all the presents. But DAAANNNNGGG....we had to wake them up and it was 7:30! It was pretty cloudy out though and it had been a crazy BUSY few days, but you can bet yer ass nobody ever had to wake me up on Christmas day!

Once we got them awake, I put on my new bunny slippers and headed downstairs with the video camera.

I kinda wish I had set up the camera somewhere so I had pictures of the kids too instead of just video. I love photographs and hate that I don't have any.

Once the kids were done, J and I opened our gifts and he really did a good job this year. Not only did I get the Bitch ring he gave me a couple days ago, he also got me another ring. It's perfect! I totally forgot to take a picture of it and I'm damn near pictured out after last I suck, no picture.

The best part though.....I GOT BUTT PANTIES!!!! Yes, yes I did.

They're not just padded, they're like a formed butt! Of course, I had to stop everything and put them on. Put them on is in understatement. I had to wiggle, yank and squeeze that shit on. They were so tight they cut my circulation off, but daaammmn I had a sweet juicy ass! I wanted to wear them around this house in some really tight awesome pants, but I wanted to breathe too.....I'll have to head to the mall and exchange them. So close to havin' butt panties. So close.

Since everybody loves bacon, I got J these......

Damn the smell that comes from these! I freakin' LOVE bacon! Unfortunately I totally didn't feel like makin' bacon for breakfast, because I had to clean AGAIN
and get ready for the in-laws to come over so I had left overs from Christmas Eve dinner for breakfast. Tell me that don't look awesome!
The in-laws came over around 1:30ish and again, the kids had to eat before gifts were opened so the shoveling commenced.
I love watching them open gifts, but of course, I only videotaped them again....dammit. I hate not having pictures.
Their last gift was outside in the back of their papa's truck, so I grabbed the video camera (yet again) and we headed out. Turns out we all had something outside in the cars. There was a trampoline for the kids, a bad ass tool box for J and a new dishwasher for me. Dannnngggg!

The day was a good one.
It took all of us way too long to get the trampoline up, J got all of his tools transferred to his toolbox and my new dishwasher is still downstairs in the box where it will remain for another six months. I don't know what color it is. I don't even know what kinda cool buttons it has. That's what I get for having no idea how to put in a dishwasher. I hate having to wait for someone to do something for me. Hate it. I want it done yesterday. I wonder how J would feel if I said "hey, here's your super awesome new tool boxes, BUT you can't do shit with them for the next several months. I mean hell, the tool boxes you have now get the job done good enough". Yeah, let's see how long that would last. Maybe there's some directions online that I can read so I can just do it myself.
Ok, I'm tired. I gotta stop for a few hours. Our Christmas Ain't Over Yet Bitches party was freakin' awesome. I'll get all those pictures sorted out later. I need to go eat somethin' so I can get rid of the shakes.
I meant to fit this picture of one of our pups as an end of our Christmas day, but I just don't wanna. So, here's some random cuteness.....


BorneoDiva said…
Happy holidays :) wish you many hapiness...
great blog!


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