Sunday, December 14, 2008

MUY Delicioso!

I love Mexican food. A lot. When I was a kid, Del Taco was as mexican foodish as I got. Not that we never went to mexican restaurants, but there was NOTHING better than Del Taco. I mean, c'mon, you totally know I'm right!

Now that I'm older and Del Taco no longer exists, I've branched out. My culinary experience in the field of el mexican has broadened. There's La Parilla, who has delicious Tacos al la Brasa (you gotta say brasa just right....with way to much emphasis on the B and roll the r). Then there's Los Reyes. It's the good ol' stand by, or used to be anyhow. Good and cheap. Now, however, my husband has a smatherin' of spanish type dudes workin' with (I'll probably go into how I feel about this at another time) him so they've totally given him the down lo on where to get the good shit and by good shit, I mean GOOD SHIT.

Behold my friends....TACO LOCO. Yes, that crazy derned taco! Beware though.....when you go, if there's not a girl behind the register at either of their two locations (both in Marietta - one on Canton Rd. the other on Powder Springs Rd.), you're gonna have to wait for her, because the boys, they "speaka no englis". Believe me, you wanna wait if that girl ain't there.

They have all kinds crazy beef head and beef tongue type stuff on their menu, but I kinda like to not eat things that I use to help me eat. I'd totally eat it if it was given to me free though! I wanted to take a picture of the menu before we left, but I was already freakin' the illegals out with my camera all flashin' everywhere.

For starters, I always get Horchata (again, another word you gotta say just right...lots of emphasis on the chata part). Horchata is some delicious milky coconutty goodness. Mmmmm. The girl of mine got the mango drink this last time we went and it was A-Mazing!

You can also get one that's watermelon. I think that's what she said anyhow. Their tacos are 99 cents each. Holy gawd. Simple and muy delicioso! It's beef with cilantro and fresh onions. Heaven (I totally just sang that!)!!!

The whole family orders tacos, but I get.............flautus. OH. MY. HEAVENS. I would eat that junk every freakin' day if I could. It's smokey flavored shredded chicken in fried tortillas with lettuce, tomato, avocado and white cheese. Not sure what the white cheese is. It's a little stinky and is like that parmesan you get in a can. Freakin' love as all I got!

I seriously wish I could go everyday...a girl's gotta maintain ya know, so I'd totally go twice a day. At least there's two so if one is struck by a crazy hail storm of unicorns, I can at least go to the other one. I'd hope if either was struck by a crazy hail storm of unicorns it would be the one on Powder Springs, because J won't let me go to that one after dark by myself. As gay as that is (because I totally know karate and jinjitsu), it's kinda sweet and he's pretty right. Really, I would cry if anything happened to either, because it just ain't right for there not to be heaven at two locations.

We will eat there over and over and over and over and over, because we all love it....lots.


Stitchblade said...

Oh I want to go! Look at those huge wedges of avocado! YUM!

Sweet 'n Sassy Baby said...

I love your blog. You're hilarious! I LOVED Del Taco. The combo cup was my favorite. Mmmm. I so miss Del Taco and no one I know remembers it!

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