Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On the Outside Lookin' In

You pass by it everyday. It's a house that you used to know so very well. The house is a pretty flippin' sweet ass house and you wonder what it's like on the inside now.

One day you pull up in the driveway, get outta your car and go look in one of the windows. Your curiosity has gotten the better of you. You figure it's early in the morning, so what's the chances anyone will ever even notice? As you expected, everything pretty much looks the same, just different furniture and you're just not there anymore. You go back day after day lookin' in the windows and one day the person that lives there sees you and wonders what in the sam hell you're doin'. Since they really get a kick outta watchin' you all cuppin' your hands up to your face tryin' to get a peak in at what the house is like now, they just sit on the inside and watch. You look harmless enough. Day after day after day, you're on the outside lookin' in and they're on the inside lookin' out.....lookin' out wanderin' why in the hell you don't just come knock on the door and get it over with.

You just can't stop and you don't know why.

Then you wake up.


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