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More Antique Awesomeness

Jeremy and I went to Scott Antique Market for the first time earlier this month. If you've never heard of it, it's an antique market that's held every second weekend of the month and is in two buildings that together span 366,000 square feet......not to mention the outside vendors!

I was really in more of a lookin' mood than buyin' mood.....and I didn't have much cash on me either which I think is the only thing most vendors least shoppin' in my price range.
I wanted all this......

.....and this......who wouldn't love a giraffe with little tube things sproutin' from his head?

.....and then this. No smokin' in our house, but so what? That shit's just awesome.
...and Mr. Tiger.....despite the fact the he was very Ed Hardy-ish, I really loved him.

These guys....they were fantastical. Tennis playin' chipmunks. I woulda took 'em home and named 'em somthin' like Sampson and Borris and they coulda hung with Tina and her baby…

F*@k You That's Why

Since I first had the sneakin' suspicion that I was gonna lose my job, I've stayed pretty positive......well, since I had my weekend of not leavin' the house or the couch anyways. The way I TYPICALLY see it, there's nothin' so bad it couldn't be worse.

However....that positive upbeat shit only works for so long when I'm forcin' myself to be that way. My future is uncertain and uncertainty and I ain't on speakin' terms if you know what I mean.

I don't feel like workin' on my fake smile and my "everything will work out in the end" bullshit today. I'm losin' my job and I'm pissed, stressed and hurt....and tired. I'm tired of closed door meetings, I'm tired of gossip and rumors and I'm tired of lookin' at all the job sites 30 times a day to see that nothin' new has been posted 98% of the time and I'm tired of sendin' my resume to jobs that I'm over qualified for and that won't pay my b…

$10 Gets You the Whole Seat, But You'll Only Need the EDGE

A few weeks ago Jeremy and I took the kids to see motocross for the first time and let me tell ya, there ain't nothin' better than $10 seats!

Ok, so that's a total lie, but when you factor in $40 parking (we lucked out though and only paid $20), $4 for bottled water and sodas, $5 for Dippin' Dots (which the kids....ok and me..... HAD to have) our little trip to see motocross ended up costing us damn near $90!

When we first got to our seats I think we all were feelin' a bit queasy. I ain't no pro on angles, but those seats were on one helluvan angle. One little misstep and it was down to the bottom. Nothin' but ass over elbows. And you're only gettin' $10 seats because you a) are takin' a family and don't wanna take out a second mortgage to go see motocross or b) they wanna be able to afford gettin' shitfaced. Yeah. Families tryin' to save money and people wantin' to get shitfaced all together. In THOSE bueno. In all seri…

It's What's Been Happenin'

Last week, I was fairly certain I was gonna lose my job. I was right.

Mr. Bossman took me into his office, shut the door and that was it. At first all I could could hear were each and every second hand of each and every of the 15 clocks he has in his office tickin' away. It was only a brief moment, but it felt like eons. Then he started sayin' all the words I had been prayin' wouldn't come. You know the sound the adults make on Charlie Brown? Yeah. That's pretty much all I heard. Even though I knew this was coming, all I could think was, "Yep. I'm fucked. After all these years, this is what it comes down to. Awesome." I'm a stability FREAK and this was gonna put a big fat dent in my stability. Dammit. I was and still am officially in panic mode.

So. That's that. I have approximately six weeks to find a job. So far, I've sent out 51 resumes. 51. I've gotten one call back, one email, and two interviews (one of which is this afternoon, whi…

It's Like Tryin' to Win the Lottery

I'm losing my job. The job that I've had on and off for a total of 12 years. I haven't been officially told yet, but I'm fairly certain. I can feel it. There's been too many closed door meetings and rumors goin' around.

That also means that I'm about to join the thousands upon thousands of people that have felt the crush of the economy. I'm also joining those thousands of people in the hopeless search for new employment. People have just as good of a chance at winning the lottery as they have in finding a job nowadays.

Every now and again, I'll look for a new job. Not hardcore nose to every job site there is kinda lookin', just the I'd like a change kinda lookin'. I've always wanted a job that's closer to home, that I can wear jeans and a t-shirt to and I can have purple hair if I want....oh, and that pays the same as my current job. So far, that job doesn't least not in the field I'm lookin' in and with the…