Monday, March 15, 2010

$10 Gets You the Whole Seat, But You'll Only Need the EDGE

A few weeks ago Jeremy and I took the kids to see motocross for the first time and let me tell ya, there ain't nothin' better than $10 seats!

Ok, so that's a total lie, but when you factor in $40 parking (we lucked out though and only paid $20), $4 for bottled water and sodas, $5 for Dippin' Dots (which the kids....ok and me..... HAD to have) our little trip to see motocross ended up costing us damn near $90!

When we first got to our seats I think we all were feelin' a bit queasy. I ain't no pro on angles, but those seats were on one helluvan angle. One little misstep and it was down to the bottom. Nothin' but ass over elbows. And you're only gettin' $10 seats because you a) are takin' a family and don't wanna take out a second mortgage to go see motocross or b) they wanna be able to afford gettin' shitfaced. Yeah. Families tryin' to save money and people wantin' to get shitfaced all together. In THOSE bueno. In all seriousness, it was somethin' to get used to, especially for someone like me who's a little top heavy and prone to trippin' over my own feet.

We got there way early so we had plenty of time for people watchin'.

I have never in my life seen so many kids with those razor haircuts, black eyeliner, hats sideways or hoods up over their heads. It was really weird to see SO MANY kids dressed the same and as the girl pointed out, there's no difference between the boys and girls. They all had the same sad faces, same textin' phones, same bangs in their eyes haircuts and same clothes. Is this the the new goth? I know I dressed all kindsa fucked up as a kid, and I know that I got stared at by people that just didn't get it, but damn these kids look freaky like little clones of each other.

We had a few of those kids sittin' directly in front of us and the girl kept debatin' all night whether or not one of them was actually a boy or a girl. At one point a fight had broke out two rows behind us so the kids in front of us had turned around to see and my girl said, "yeah, definitely a boy....I think". Honestly, I wasn't sure either. So I told her it was one of those "third gender" people like they have in India. That shut her up.

It's kinda weird bein' the one's with normal lookin' kids. Whodathunkit?

After about two hours of people watchin' the lights went out......

....and the awesomness began.

...and within 15 minutes the awesomeness was over and the races began. Not much action there. No awesome crashes and lots of awesome fumes....I think next time, we'll just stick to Monster Trucks.


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