Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rev Run's Words of Wisdom

Yes my friends, it's time for another installment of the ever so wise Rev Run's Words of Wisdom......

"Never come down off your chariot to fight those who are throwing tomatoes"

This goes back to the old tried and true saying, "pick your battles".

Why stoop to someone else's level when it's just not worth it? Why raise your blood pressure? Nobody looks good all bug eyed with veins poppin' outta their head because they're so worked up over what really amounts to nothing. We've all done it, and it just makes us look like fools.

You gotta learn to sit back and watch people say and do stupid things, even if it pertains to you. It's way funner (another totally awesome word). Who cares if someone's talkin' crap about you? Let it roll of your back. Why involve yourself with other people's stupid? Chances are, they're an insignificant person who has nothing better to do and hates life. Chances are, they're miserable and when you respond to they're stupid, you give them exactly what they're lookin' for. You give them a reason to keep going.
Don't step off your chariot just because someone's throwin' tomatoes at you. They're only tomatoes after all and it takes two to start a food fight. Wouldn't it be way funnier to watch one person attempt to have a food fight all by themselves? I totally think so.


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