Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mama Still Ain't Doin' So Good, but Not So Bad Either

Yesterday J took Mama to the vet and she's still with us so it ain't so bad at least. She mentioned the possibility of brain tumors, but they drew some blood and said they call with the results. Not that blood work could tell us about brain tumors, but it could eliminate several other problems.

When J got home with Dresden (affectionately called Mama if you're confused!) she couldn't stop walking in circles. Circles, circles, circles. Here she goes......outta the kitchen then back in the other way.She would stop every now and again to drink, eat or stare in the corner, but it didn't' seem like she could stay still for very long.

I ended up having to physically make her stop walking circles. It was totally freakin' me. I walked her over to where she lays down and told her to lay down. Sha. She was havin' none of that. She started walkin' circles on her damn blanket! Not the rootin' around tryin' to get comfy type thing....actually circling over and over and over. It's the craziest damn thing I've ever seen. It was actually amusing for a bit, but then I realized how completely frustrated and exhausted she must feel and then I started crying AGAIN. DAMMIT! She totally doesn't need to seed me all cryin'. She'd start wonderin' why I'm cryin' and if there's something wrong or not, then she'll get upset.....UGH! She was home and it wasn't to say goodbye so I made myself quit and be grateful.

Finally, I had to make her sit down and I had to pull her front legs out to force her to lay down. I laid there with her for a minute and pet her until she fell asleep. That lasted oh, I dunno, 10 minutes....then back to it.

I felt so bad. It can't go on like this.

We put her up on the couch with us and that did it. She was out. YAY! No more circles!

Once she was sleeping again, I googled "dogs walking in circles" and came up with the Vestibular Syndrome. Everything under dogs walking in circles said this was the cause. There is hope! It's basically seen in "geriatric" dogs (let's hope she doesn't know she's being considered geriatric!). It's an inner ear problem and should go away in no more than two or three weeks.

When the vet called to tell me the results of the blood work, I asked her why she didn't mention the vestibular thing and she said that Mama didn't show one of the major signs that came with it....something about rapid eye movements. I had read that as a symptom last night, but it wasn't present in every case. The vet said we can only hope that's what the problem is. Let's hope!


Stitchblade said...

OK, reading this made me cry. I love her and miss her and I am so happy that you gave her a good home for all these years.

Lori said...

My friend had a dog that did that. They thought it was a dog stroke. If she doesn;t get better from the meds then make sure you start feeding her extra because she's using more energy and she'll get real skinny and freak you out.

Sweet 'n Sassy Baby said...

Poor thing. We had a 9 year old boxer who had very similar problems last year. It was very sad, difficult and stressful. Best wishes to you all.

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