Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stupid People vs. Awesome People

If there's one thing that I totally freakin' despise, it's takers. If you enable certain people to take advantage of you, if you allow certain people to exploit your good will, they totally fucking will.....It's how you handle it that matters.

You can't control the stupid that stupid people inflict on you, but you can know that they're stupid and not allow them to inflict their stupid on you especially when they're not in your life anymore. I mean really.....Why let someone continually ruin your bright and shiney day (you know you love bright and shiney days)? It ain't gotta be all rainy and poopy everyday. Ok, so it ain't EVERYday, but why let the stupids ruin any moment of ANY day? Stupid people have this power to know that they're still fuckin' you up even though you think they don't know it and that just makes them ring their stupid hands and go "mwahahahaha". Yep. Just like that.

Stupid stuff will happen to stupid people. You know...... karma? It will take over, so you ain't gotta even think about it anymore. There's all the hope in the world so quit sayin' c'mon 2012 you doofus, because by then, you'll probably be married and have a kid and still be all grumpy and shit, but whatever. There is hope. Awesome things come to awesome people and the sooner you realize that, the better off you'll be my dearest Scooter.


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