Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Must Confess

I'm a hypocrite. Yep.

I'm damn near blew a freakin' gasket just now over an "I can barely speak english" customer service person who I just had to try to speak to. I could go on and on about this, and I do mean ON and ON. 90% OF THE PEOPLE THAT ARE GOING TO BE CALLING YOUR COMPANY SPEAK ENGLISH AS THEIR FIRST LANGUAGE. PUT A FUCKING "ENGLISH IS MY FIRST LANGUAGE" PERSON ON THE DAMNED PHONE. FUCK!!!!

It seems like it was just yesterday that I wrote about not letting stupid get to you. Oh wait, it WAS just yesterday. I fucking HATE stupid people. Scooter (who the blog was pretty much written about) even wrote to me yesterday in reply to my blog and he basically said "you know people irritate the hell outta you too and you know it's a lot easier to say don't let them bother you than it is to actually not let them bother you". My dearest Scooter, you're right and I must confess that today, I feel like a total hypocrite......I let stupid people ruin a minute of my day today. (Stupid non-english speakin' person).
Over the years, I have obtained the fantastic ability to take people for exactly what they are so I can just sit back and watch other's stupidity instead of letting their stupidity affect me. Well, ok, so from time to time I do have someone standing in front of me in line at Walmart and they're pullin' out all the sales ads from all the different stores making the cashier price match EVERY freakin' thing and for a fleeting moment I seriously consider beating the shit outta them with the little grocery separator thing, BUT who doesn't think about doing that?

There are certain stupid people/situations that I will never be able to deal with without one of my eyes twitching. The insane amount of stupidity that comes from certain people/situations totally can drag me down, BUT I'll just pitch a fit for a minute or two, then I'll let it roll off my back.

I'm not sure how it is exactly that I have come to deal with stupidity. I know I have adopted several different coping skills over the years. Sometimes I can just take a deep breath and move on. Other times, I close my eyes and push a finger into one of my eyeballs as hard as I can bare and I breathe deep. Then *poof* the stupid is gone.

I can only hope that as the stupid gets even stupider (yeah, I said stupider, so what?) I can continue to cope. Every morning on my in to work I see these three ancient Asian ladies and they're always doin' all this awesome weird shit. They lean up against trees and bang the butts into the tree, they sit on the bench and clap as they talk and they do all these windmill lookin' things with their arms. I wonder, are they just trying to deal with the stupid too?


Tara Lea said...

I just totally screamed laughed to the point of my boss came in my office to ask me if everything was OK! The grocery seperator thing has crossed my mind more than once! Stupidity is probably my #1 pet peeve as well. I dunno why I just now saw your comment could be that I have been temporarily been stupid. Yes I want an apron send me your address in a message on myspace and I will send you the $ for it along with my address. And the Hello Kitty ring is awesome. I got it from QVC tried it on side by side with the real ring and actually it is better. Rocky is so the best~!

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