Friday, January 16, 2009

My Blog is Poppin', My Blog Be Cool

All the boys keep jockin', they chase me after school.....Myyyyyy lipglooosssss........

Oh, sorry, I got carried away.

Some of you may have noticed my pretty fantastic new blog layout and guess what? It's MINE, all MINE and one of a kind. It ain't no "free blogger layout", my shit be fo' reals yo!
As you all know, I'm totally obsessed with Hello Kitty and I came across this awesome Hello Kitty Tokidoki stuff and bickety bam, a new obsession was born. It's about the cutest stuff I've seen in a super long time. Just look at it!!!
Anyhow, I was talkin' to Brandy at Stitchblade Designs about how played out (yo) my blog was since I knew I was like one of 145,239 people that had the same exact layout and she said she could fix me right up and that she did. It's really amazing how she works. You give her a few basic ideas and she can just run with it. I love Brandy, and the work she does never ceases to amaze me.

...and yeah, my new blog, it's freakin awesome.......and my new TokiDoki obsession, it's gonna be expensive. I'm already workin' on next year's Christmas list, because that shit don't come cheap! The camera case is first on my list!


Stitchblade said...

Dang...I guess I will post a comment saying how rad your blog is...:)

Anonymous said...

It was very interesting for me to read that article. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

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