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HO! HO! HO! It's Christmas time for me!!!

What a month it's been!

Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, awful traffic and pissy people EVERYWHERE! Plus, I had such a slow start this month on etsy. I promoted and promoted and promoted.......god I hate promoting, but being relatively new, it gets people to see my stuff. After all that promoting, I had one sale this month! I finally decided the hell with promoting and vented in the forum about my slow month and WAMO! Sales! I had 'em! Maybe I should vent a little more often! Anyways, sales = money. ALL FOR ME TO SPEND ON ME!!!

AND...this month I finally broke down and bought something I have wanted FOREVER. Well, maybe not FOREVER, but for a while now. The only thing that held me back was a lack of cashola. I have a hard time justifying buying anything for myself really. BUT it's Christmas and I wanted it so I got it!!!!! What is it???? FELTIDERMY from Girl Savage. I know you've seen her stuff. It's always in Treasuries and always on the front page. My feltide…

**♥** EtsyBloggers HOLIDAY SALE!!! **♥** Dec. 1 - 8

The countdown has officially begun! Can you hear it ticking? This year, why not buy handmade? Why? I'll tell ya why!

1. You can guarantee what you buy wasn't made in some dank sweat shop full of 6 year olds.

2. You can be pretty certain that what you're buying is gonna be lead free. The last thing you need is a kid with a third eye or something.

3. You can get some really unique things.

4. You can rest assured that lots of time and love went into making that perfect gift for you to give.

5. You know you're helping support someone that loves what they do and not some big fat smelly money hungry doucebag.

Reasons enough right? Well all that aside, the etsybloggers are having a holiday sale from Decemeber 1 through December 8! That's right! A whole bunch of awesomeness on sale! Most shops are offering 10% off select items...some even have FREE SHIPPING!!! (LIKE ME!!!) So, for more info and to see who's participating click here!
My Battle Scarred Bears have been goin'…



For one day Battle Scarred Bears are 20% off! That's right! PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!! So get one while you can!!!!!

Here's a few waiting for a good home

Check out my etsy store for more deals!

Happy shopping!

Atlanta's Indie Craft Experience

November 17th is the AWESOME Indie Craft Experience in Atlanta's West End. The show will be at the B Complex. I've never been there, but it should be loads of fun!
I have been totally lazy about sewing. I've been so busy runnin' around having fun that I have just quit. PLUS, I've had a bit of a brain fart when it comes to creating new things. You will be happy to know that I have been bustin' my butt to make more Battle Scarred Bears. At my last show (also my first!), my bears were gone in the first few hours. So, up until the last couple of weeks, I have been sewing till my little fingers bleed to get more bears. I hope they do as well at the ICE show. Wish me luck!
Here's some info about the upcoming show! Come see me!!!


Another weekend, another freakin' AWESOME time. There were humpin' gorillas, half nekkid cowboys, fat Elvis, a priest with a whip, my husband the retard and then me Strawberry Shortcake. Holy hell, what a night! There were so many hillarious costumes! It took me a while to get over the fact that Jeremy was wearing a diaper. It kinda made me throw up in my mouth a little. Oh god, is this what I have to look forward to when he's like 90? It was hard engough seeing a grown man in a diaper so I'll have to hire someone to wipe his ass. When Dorothy got there she had already fallen down. She had a bloody little knee and what looked like a poopoo stain on her tookis. That wasn't her only fall of the night, later she took a spill in the coffin. In the end, Elvis was so sick, he had to leave the building. Poor, poor Elvis.
What a kick ass night. I can't wait for next year!

Battle Scarred Bears for Baby!

Ok, so I finally did it!

A lot of ladies have said they would love to give one of my bears as a baby shower gift, but were concerned about the button eyes. SO, announcing my VERY first Battle Scarred Bear for Baby! No more buttons! Let’s see that little bambino try to pull these eyes off!

I decided to let people choose their own colors AND they can be personalized with baby’s name! SAWEET!

I SO just had the best weekend EVER!

This weekend we went to a car show in Fairmount, GA called Hot Rods and Hillbillies (my kinda people!). It was so out in the STICKS, and the drive there was AWESOME!I knew there were good times to be had as soon as we pulled up.....It was in a huge field with horses, chickens, roosters and a creek....well it used to be a creek and there was also stage for bands and burlesque later in the evening. Then.....there it was.......the glorious dirt track. Holy Jesus. I was in Heaven and it WAS a lot like Dixie!
Me and three of the coolest ladies ever put Ol' Bess through hell that day.

We went down the track a few times in head to heads, but the best was the whiskey run. You had to haul ass down to the end of the track, grab 3 gallons of "whiskey", throw them in the car, haul ass back and dump 'em out. Holy moly fun! In another race I had to chug a.....a.....can of water, yeah, chug a can of water at the end of the track and head back. That was some nasty water!
At the end of…

I'm the Artist of the Weeked!

I got to write a short little ditty all about myself for Vivika, an awesome follow etsian's blog!

Vivika makes some really cute stuff y'all gotta check out her store and the after that check out my story on her blog!

Here's some of my faves of hers! This lil' spider is so freakin' cute!
...and who doesn't LOVE a boy with a mohawk?.....and then there's this guy, the little alien ninja. He reminded me of a really funny story. About a year ago a friend of mine and I went out to look for an engagement ring for his soon to be (now) wife. We stopped at this great antique mall and right next to it was a sex shop. The sign on the outside of the shop said "COME CHECK OUT OUR NEW NINJA MOVIES!". Holy crap! I had to see this! What kinda ninja movies was this sex shop was pimpin'? We went in and I asked where the ninja section was.......they had none! Whawhat? No freakin' ninja movies? I was so disappointed. Oh was a great thought anyways!

My First Show!!!!

The East Atlanta Strut was this weekend and I had a total blast! My first show was a total success and I can't wait to do it again!

The weather was just about perfect and I had an awesome friend that came to help me....well....she kinda took over really. Without her, I woulda been a complete spaz. I was really lucky to have her there!

The crowd was a good one. It was a little slow in the morning, but once the parade ended people just came from all directions. I think I did get a bit overwhelmed at times, but nothing a little gin and tonic didn't fix!

I had some GREAT neighbors. They were A LOT of fun. I'll have to post a link to her shop once I find her card. She had some really cute stuff! My best sellers BY FAR were my Battle Scarred Bears. They were gone FAST. I really got a lot of compliments on everything and heard a lot of "wow you're really under pricing your things". I was so happy to hear some good feedback. You know, you kinda go in and wonder if anybo…

I've been tagged! Now I'M it!!!

This is yet another first for me.....I've been tagged! At first I was like "ok, what the hell does that mean?"...then WAMMMO! I got it! I was totally excited, but there's so much to tell, how can I possibly narrow it down to 7???? Well, here goes nothin'!

The first and most important is this....
I'M AWESOME! Don't believe me? Check out THIS picture!

Ok, now that that's outta the way, number 2...
I have two AWESOME kids....they're even awesomer than me!

And to finish off all the awesomeness....number 3.... my husband. We've been married for 12 years and he's pretty freakin' awesome too! and yes, he ALWAYS makes that face!

There, three outta the way, on to #4....I've lived in Alaska with no heat, water or electricity. Uh yea, I froze my ass off, but now I would give anything to go back....I love that place!

Number 5.....
I freakin' love rollerskatin'! Yep, I much I got my rollerskate tattooed on me! (courtesey of sweet ass St…

Here's some of my latest creations! Let me know what you think!

Battle Scarred Bears

Card Holders
Check out my etsy store for some other awesome stuff!

'Ol Bess

Here's a better picture! I love her!

Do you think too many Monster drinks could kill a person?

I'm so tired I could cry! I have WAY too many eggs in the frying pan. My first show (The East Atlanta Strut) is coming up September 15th. I should have way much more inventory....but don't.
I have a car (1963 Comet) that we've worked on for what seems like FOREVER, because this coming up weekend is the Drive Invasion and I wanna drive it there. It's first time driving more than just 30 minutes up the road.....and even that took time to get it just to be able to do that! I'm constantly flip-flopping between car, sew, car, sew.

Better picture coming soon!
It does however now have a radio! Sweet jesus, does this mean I can listen to the Scissor Sisters "If Music is the Victim then So Am I" while cruizin' with the windows down? Yes, yes it does!
Next, there's the never ending housework, homework, cooking, and cleaning up cat puke and emptying out the poop box. I'm learning to dislike animals. They get old and they shit on your bed and puke on your flo…
Treasury braggin'! This one has one of my cute little card holders!
Thanks Stitchblade!

I told you I was AWESOME!

This is me!

My first blog!

Ok, so here I am creating my first blog. The last thing I needed was one more password to remember, one more site to check on, but a friend of mine really enjoys doing one so I figured "why not"? Plus what better way to pimp myself than my very own online diary. Yeah, great, now everyone can see just how screwed up I am. Yessss! As if there aren't enough that already know!

So, here's my story:

I'm 31 and work in a law firm in Atlanta. I'm not so much a fan of the whole law firm thing, but it gets the bills paid and everyone I work with is pretty ok. I have lots tattoos that have to be covered. All the time. That can get pretty hot. Georgia weather is a beast and long sleaves all summer...not so much fun!

I don't plan on being at a law firm all my life, but I never made it to college and STILL at 31, have NO IDEA what I want to be when I grow up. I don't have many talents (though I'm sure people that don't like me can tell you of a few). I just wa…