Friday, November 30, 2007

**♥** EtsyBloggers HOLIDAY SALE!!! **♥** Dec. 1 - 8

The countdown has officially begun! Can you hear it ticking? This year, why not buy handmade? Why? I'll tell ya why!

1. You can guarantee what you buy wasn't made in some dank sweat shop full of 6 year olds.

2. You can be pretty certain that what you're buying is gonna be lead free. The last thing you need is a kid with a third eye or something.

3. You can get some really unique things.

4. You can rest assured that lots of time and love went into making that perfect gift for you to give.

5. You know you're helping support someone that loves what they do and not some big fat smelly money hungry doucebag.

Reasons enough right? Well all that aside, the etsybloggers are having a holiday sale from Decemeber 1 through December 8! That's right! A whole bunch of awesomeness on sale! Most shops are offering 10% off select items...some even have FREE SHIPPING!!! (LIKE ME!!!) So, for more info and to see who's participating click here!

My Battle Scarred Bears have been goin' like crazy so you better get one while you can! I about sold out at my last show, so I'm trying to get more going. I've made a few this week and already have them up for sale! Check 'em out!



Heather said...

What a fun blog! And your shop is awesome - a great find!

Michelle said...

Great sale. I will be sure to stop by and check it out. :-)

Stitchblade Etsy said...

um how did you make those hearts in the title???

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