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Here's some of my latest creations! Let me know what you think!

Battle Scarred Bears

Card Holders
Check out my etsy store for some other awesome stuff!

'Ol Bess

Here's a better picture! I love her!

Do you think too many Monster drinks could kill a person?

I'm so tired I could cry! I have WAY too many eggs in the frying pan. My first show (The East Atlanta Strut) is coming up September 15th. I should have way much more inventory....but don't.
I have a car (1963 Comet) that we've worked on for what seems like FOREVER, because this coming up weekend is the Drive Invasion and I wanna drive it there. It's first time driving more than just 30 minutes up the road.....and even that took time to get it just to be able to do that! I'm constantly flip-flopping between car, sew, car, sew.

Better picture coming soon!
It does however now have a radio! Sweet jesus, does this mean I can listen to the Scissor Sisters "If Music is the Victim then So Am I" while cruizin' with the windows down? Yes, yes it does!
Next, there's the never ending housework, homework, cooking, and cleaning up cat puke and emptying out the poop box. I'm learning to dislike animals. They get old and they shit on your bed and puke on your flo…
Treasury braggin'! This one has one of my cute little card holders!
Thanks Stitchblade!

I told you I was AWESOME!

This is me!

My first blog!

Ok, so here I am creating my first blog. The last thing I needed was one more password to remember, one more site to check on, but a friend of mine really enjoys doing one so I figured "why not"? Plus what better way to pimp myself than my very own online diary. Yeah, great, now everyone can see just how screwed up I am. Yessss! As if there aren't enough that already know!

So, here's my story:

I'm 31 and work in a law firm in Atlanta. I'm not so much a fan of the whole law firm thing, but it gets the bills paid and everyone I work with is pretty ok. I have lots tattoos that have to be covered. All the time. That can get pretty hot. Georgia weather is a beast and long sleaves all summer...not so much fun!

I don't plan on being at a law firm all my life, but I never made it to college and STILL at 31, have NO IDEA what I want to be when I grow up. I don't have many talents (though I'm sure people that don't like me can tell you of a few). I just wa…