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Do you think too many Monster drinks could kill a person?

I'm so tired I could cry! I have WAY too many eggs in the frying pan. My first show (The East Atlanta Strut) is coming up September 15th. I should have way much more inventory....but don't.

I have a car (1963 Comet) that we've worked on for what seems like FOREVER, because this coming up weekend is the Drive Invasion and I wanna drive it there. It's first time driving more than just 30 minutes up the road.....and even that took time to get it just to be able to do that! I'm constantly flip-flopping between car, sew, car, sew.

Better picture coming soon!

It does however now have a radio! Sweet jesus, does this mean I can listen to the Scissor Sisters "If Music is the Victim then So Am I" while cruizin' with the windows down? Yes, yes it does!

Next, there's the never ending housework, homework, cooking, and cleaning up cat puke and emptying out the poop box. I'm learning to dislike animals. They get old and they shit on your bed and puke on your floor so when you get up in the middle of the night to pee.....*squish* right inbetween the ol' toes. Bastards.

On that note, what do you think? Can too many Monster drinks kill a person? This is what they make me feel like:


Stephanie said…
Sweet car! Answer to your question: they could cause you to wish they'd killed you...
Ha! Ha! Don't wanna die today!
Marissa Fischer said…
I vote for taking a nice relaxing bath and eat something yummy. SOunds like you're close to popping...I know the feeling. Hope you get some things magically done.
MMMMMM....Sounds good. I could so grab a nice Starbucks (decaf of course) right now and just veg out!
If you would just move here I could help you.....geeeeeesh
I know, I know, I was just telling me mom that. Well, except you here.

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