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I FINALLY got my camera!!!

For YEARS I have been absolutely lusting over the Canon digital SLR's. Every year around Christmas time I would linger too long in the photo department and then finally pick one up and start turning knobs, changing settings and then taking pictures like I was some professional photographer. Pretty sweet. I'd have all kindsa fantastic pictures! There'd be pictures of other cameras, strange pictures of the floor, some dumb sales assistant picking his nose, a picture of a lady that had the BIGGEST ass I'd ever there were some great pictures! (I've added some pictures I've taken with it now that I've got it!)
This went on for about seven years. I just couldn't ever bring myself to spend that kinda money on a camera. Even though I'm a self proclaimed picture whore, there's better places the money needed to go. On my birthday this year, my husband and I were walking around the store and of course, there I was all being a dolt with this to…