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Life Has Many, Many Teachers

Everything I have been taught through the years by all the people that've come and gone from my life have made me who I am today but I owe big thanks to everyone for everything they've taught me...the good and the bad.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to.....

Erin for teaching me to get right back on the horse when I fall off.

My brother (step brother actually) David for teaching me what it was like to have a real brother.

Jerm for teaching me, patience, how to bite my tongue and keep my mouth shut and that crying gets you nowhere.

My Mom for teaching me to "kill 'em with kindness" and to suck it up.

My stepdad for teaching me what a dad should be.

My Mamma for teaching me that I deserved to be loved no matter what color my hair was or how many holes I had in my clothes or ears.

My Nana for teaching to kinda crochet.Daniella for teaching me to round my lips with lipliner instead of makin' them all pointy.

Cosmopolitan magazine for teaching me how to put on…

I Loved Being A Kid...yeah, it's totally random!

Yesterday I got an email about "you know you're a kid of the 80's if......". There were things there I had totally forgotten about. It really took me back to being a kid. I LOVED being a kid. I suppose that's why I'm still and always will be one at heart.

My favorites were those plastic charm necklaces. Oh how I wish I still had mine. A friend and I would walk to the Container Store (much different in the 80's) and spend out $2 allowance on a new charm every week. Oh Lord I loved those things! I must MUST get on ebay and buy myself one, but damn, have you seen how much they go for?

I also had banana clips out the wazoo. I wore one all the time so I could pull my hair back and people could see the lines I had shaved in my hair on the sides of my head. I thought I was so awesome....even then.

Remember when it was worth gettin' up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons? I did that even after all my friends had stopped. I totally loved Galaxy High and the Smu…

I Need A Secretary

A full time job, two kids, cooking, cleaning and Big Wheel Bitches.

The it under control.

The two kids....too much to think about. Homework, teachers blogs, meetings/emails with teachers, doctor's appointments, cuddle time, hang time.....mostly got it under control.

Cooking....ugh. Tired of doing it. Same shit over and over and over. Tried several new recipes, but most of them are more trouble than they're worth. A few good ones though. J is such a good cook. He's more adventurous than I am. He should cook more often (you hear that my boy?) it under control, but don't wanna do it every night!

Cleaning....psht. Whatever. Stupid hairy ass cats all sheddin' and cleanin' themselves and pukin' up hair balls and kickin' cat litter everywhere. I would need to vacuum everyday to ALMOST keep up. Then there's cleaning the kitchen after cooking. Um, no. TIRED OF IT. I HATE cleaning grease off the stove. I seriously used to scrub everything all t…

Jailhouse Choppers Has Moved!

That’s right! Jailhouse Choppers has moved from Savannah to the big city! Ok, so not exactly the big city, but close enough. They’re now located in Snellville which is about 30 minutes northeast of Atlanta.

Jailhouse Choppers has always built some of the coolest bikes around, provided unparalleled sales, service and unbelievable customer service. They aren’t your typical bike shop and they seem to have it all….from cool apparel to custom parts that can’t be found anywhere else.The guys at Jailhouse Choppers say…

“We have begun to see the shift in the world of custom motorcycles away from the high dollar, fat tired, big inch bikes to the raw and sanitary bikes that we build and love. Understanding that our style of motorcycle is not for everyone, Jailhouse Choppers will have many scratching their heads while others with the taste for pure and classic mechanical innovation will be eager to see what's next”.
Go check them out this weekend at their open house and swap meet!
When: Saturda…

Posse's On Broadway!

Tattoos, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, wine out of a jug, pixie sticks, dancin' at the gay bar, Sharpie markers and good lord so much more......

We all met in E. Atlanta Friday for our girls night out. First on the agenda was to get on the list for our $13 tattoo at 13 Roses. The wait wasn't half as bad as I expected and everyone there was super awesome! Sir-Mix-A-Lot was cranked so we pretty much had a dance party. We all got holy taco tattoos (except one person that's totally lame and shall remain, melissa) and we had our lips redone.
Tim McGrath, bless his heart had to deal with all of us at once. He's one of the nicest guys ever and had all of us finished up lickey split. See the cheesy poo???? Dang, I freakin' love tacos.
This is how he got paid. By the time we left, he had all kindsa bills back there.
Once we were all done, we headed back downstairs to the Flat Iron to meet up with the rest of the girls, but stopped in the bathroom first. When Chewy was si…

It's Just Another Day

We're like peanut butter and jelly, ham and grits, biscuits and gravy. We're best friends. We have a relationship unlike most others and I think it's the years that we've had together that makes the difference. We're totally comfortable with each other. We have a way of arguing that I've been told is ridiculous, but it works for us......kinda like two kids trying to settle their differences opposed to two adults.

For the past couple of years, I've seen the flaws in my ways. The things that I do or don't do that don't ever get me the ultimate outcome I want. SO, I've worked hard to change part of my core, part of someone that I have always been, to be more adult about things. I've learned to shut up and not say everything that comes to mind. I've learned to listen to things I have no desire to listen to. I've learned to go with the flow more. I've learned to do things I have no earthly desire to do. There are times that slip, I'…

Us Bitches Are Goin' Out Tonight!

(Ok, so I've been wanting to use this picture FOREVER, but the story just hasn't produced itself until now. It's sort of a joke between BWB's who have been rumored to be a Mexican gang in Texas.)
Finally, a few of the Big Wheel Bitches are gettin' together....sans our manly counterparts. That's right, BWBs be highrollin' and I of course will start the night with a Starbucks because I'm an addict and totally lame like that. As if everyone in Atlanta doesn't already know, 13 Roses Tattoo in East Atlanta is having their $13 tattoo on Friday the 13th special. You got a 20? You got a sweet ass tattoo, so we're totally gettin' in line for this tonight!Hopefully the wait won't be too bad. I'm a little too antsy for my own good sometimes and I'll be surrounded by bars that will be tauting me. BECKONING me...."Come here Jessica, we got booze that loves you" (you gotta say that in a ghostly spooky kinda voice).
It will be a little…

I'm In Love With A City I Barley Know

I have had what amounts to no more than a one night stand with a city that I have fallen head over heals in love with. It's a city that never sleeps. There's everything everywhere. People everywhere all the time. Always. Chances are if you bump into someone on the street, they'll threaten to sue you, but if you're lost and need help with directions, ask anybody and they'll oblige. It's a city with endless photograph opportunities. A city where people don't speak english in some parts and I'm ok with that. A city where I want to know what's goin' on behind all those windows. A city where I wanna live in a highrise and have a telescope so I can watch people doin' it across the way in another highrise. A city where I wanna live in a brownstone so I can sit on the stoop and watch the kids play jump rope in the street. I wanna be able to go to Chinatown whenever I want so I can buy fresh stinky fish,Bing Cherries for $1 pound, weird lookin' dri…

$13 Tattoos at 13 Roses in East Atlanta....On Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is upon us again! The most unluckiest of all days. Mwuahahahahah!!!!

HOWEVER, you can turn it around and make it your LUCKIEST day, because 13 Roses Tattoo Parlour in East Atlanta is having their $13 tattoo special! No, you didn't read wrong....THIRTEEN FREAKIN' DOLLARS (+ a $7 lucky tip). You gotta 20? You gotta tattoo!

The artists in the shop have drawn up 13 different designs to choose from and they all incorporate the number 13. Last year, a friend of mine got a little bat with the number 13 in it and it was pretty flippin' sweet! You wanna know what there is to chose from this year? You gotta get your sweet ass down there and see for yourself!

It's first come first serve. You get put on a list, your not able to choose the artist (ya git who ya git, but they're all pretty awesome!), you pick one of the 13 designs they have and bickety freakin' got yer tattoo!
Seriously you could totally make a day/night outta this! The doors will be …

Gettin' My Ass In Gear....Yo

Most of you know I'm part of a bad ass group of girls called the Big Wheel Bitches. Uh, yeah....100% PURE freakin' awesomeness. Have I ever mentioned that? Yeah, probably.
Last year we had some shirts made and I couldn't tell you how many times I was asked at different events about supporter shirts, so this year I hope to have some. With as many girls as we have, you'd think we'd have an arteest amongst us to design a logo. Nope. HOWEVER, a boy, uhhum, excuse, me....kick ass man we know has said he would help out again for which I am ever so greatful. We have some pretty sweet ass ideas, but gotta settle all the details. It's just so much freakin' work!

The last shirts I had made damn near pushed me over the edge. I mean holy freakin' CRAP. But whatever.....since we're pretty much the only gang that ain't so much a gang, I think the wonkiness of the shirts fit us perfectly, but it's time to move on to bigger and better. Anybody got any recomm…

Rehab or the Lack Thereof

Everytime you turn on the tv, there's another celebrity goin' into rehab. Brittney, Lindsay, Robin Williams and Amy Winehouse are just the first that come to mind. It almost seems like you ain't quite reached celebritydom unless you've been to rehab a few times whether you really needed it or not. Either way, I don't think these people are coming out any better. Maybe for a minute, but then they're right back. I think the key here is that they need to WANT to get better or at least need to know what it is they're supposed to get better from. It's usually their managers, publicists, and directors of the shows they're on that want them to go to rehab to make up for something "bad" they've done so they can right their image in the media. Well, ain't that a bunch of shit?

When I was a teenager, I was shipped off to one of these such places. Not for drugs or alcohol, but for the company I chose to keep and the clothes I chose to …

I Got A Bad Case of Spring Fever....

....and as it turns out, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. SIX MORE FREAKIN' WEEKS OF WINTER. Psht. Winter, schminter. We don't get winter here anymore. If it would actually get cold here and actually SNOW here, I would be all for six more weeks of winter. However, no matter what the stupid weatherman says, winter weather continues to elude us.

Winter so far has just been kinda chilly and just dries the hell out of my skin. There's nothin' like layin' in bed and all of a sudden gettin' that pin prick itch feeling of dry skin on your back just outta reach AND the awesomeness of a dry face that just wants to peel and look all nasty. I hate you Georgia do NOTHING for me.

I remember when I was a kid, we had snow days every year. Remember those? We'd put on long johns and two pair of pants, 3 shirts, wrap our feet in ziplock bags and put on 3 pairs of socks and head outside where we'd stay until the snot had frozen to our faces and our gloves we…

Damn You Hello Kitty, Damn You

Maybe my mom weened me too soon, maybe I wasn't allowed to be exactly who I wanted to be when I was a teenager, maybe I'm just totally immature and need to grow the hell up. I dunno. I just can't seem to stop obsessing over Hello Kitty.....and it's all Tokidoki's fault.
I'm not like all those people that buy absolutely everything Hello Kitty they get their hands, not me. I'm more selective. I want to cherish the bits of Hello Kitty awesomeness that I have. I want Hello Kitty things that no one else has.
This just seems to be a long ongoing thing for me. When I was like 10 or 11, I would go to the Hello Kitty store at the mall and spend WAY too much time tyring to figure out how I could stretch my allowance the best and come away with the most.
When I was teenager, I didn't carry a purse. I carried this little itty bitty Hello Kitty metal box that held a pack of cigarettes, a small bic lighter and my driver's license. I also kept all my casset…

Weird Ass People

Some people think I'm weird. People that don't know me. They see me with my big red frizzy afro hair, lots of tattoos and my constant singin' of Christmas carols. Nope, not weird. I'm about as average as average can get. I take kids to school, I work, I cook dinner and I clean. I'm awesome, but not weird.

I've seen some weird people in my life. People that make me stop, scrunch up my nose and go "what the fuck? really?". I LOVE these people. There just aren't enough weird people in this world.
When I was a teenager there was this boy that had his eyebrows shaved and had "Born to" tattooed where one eyebrow should be and "Revolt" on the other. He liked to do cartwheels....A LOT... and he always said vivivivivideo. Totally weird. Before I was married, I lived in these apartments that were kinda ghetto. Ok, so they weren't kinda ghetto, they were total ghetto. The surrounding area was little Mexico and our apartments were full o…