Sunday, February 15, 2009

Posse's On Broadway!

Tattoos, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, wine out of a jug, pixie sticks, dancin' at the gay bar, Sharpie markers and good lord so much more......

We all met in E. Atlanta Friday for our girls night out. First on the agenda was to get on the list for our $13 tattoo at 13 Roses. The wait wasn't half as bad as I expected and everyone there was super awesome! Sir-Mix-A-Lot was cranked so we pretty much had a dance party. We all got holy taco tattoos (except one person that's totally lame and shall remain, melissa) and we had our lips redone.

Tim McGrath, bless his heart had to deal with all of us at once. He's one of the nicest guys ever and had all of us finished up lickey split.
See the cheesy poo???? Dang, I freakin' love tacos.
This is how he got paid. By the time we left, he had all kindsa bills back there.
Once we were all done, we headed back downstairs to the Flat Iron to meet up with the rest of the girls, but stopped in the bathroom first. When Chewy was sittin' on the toilet, she looked up at the wall and said "holy, shit.....I think that's me!". Seriously, I laughed so hard I about peed myself. THAT was amazing. Maybe one day someone will think I'm awesome engough to draw a picture of me.....
We talked to some business and had some drinks....well, lots of drinks.
We went to just about every bar in East Atlanta. I think by far Mary's was the most fun. I mean really, what's not fun about a gay bar? I even ran into a mini Chuck Liddell there. I loved little mini Chuck.

More drinkin'.......

We got a little carried away with the Sharpies. It's not so funny to draw a moustache on a boy, but a BUTTstache???? Uh yeah.....funny.
I think we're gonna have to do this again sometime real soon.


jylie. said...

A few weeks back we went on to the gay bars, too and had a dance party fever! The lady bars play better music than any place in the damn Village, dude.

And I'll agree, Tim is the best and so is the Mrs. I love that they moved six houses down from me!

Anonymous said...

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