Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Need A Secretary

A full time job, two kids, cooking, cleaning and Big Wheel Bitches.

The it under control.

The two kids....too much to think about. Homework, teachers blogs, meetings/emails with teachers, doctor's appointments, cuddle time, hang time.....mostly got it under control.

Cooking....ugh. Tired of doing it. Same shit over and over and over. Tried several new recipes, but most of them are more trouble than they're worth. A few good ones though. J is such a good cook. He's more adventurous than I am. He should cook more often (you hear that my boy?) it under control, but don't wanna do it every night!

Cleaning....psht. Whatever. Stupid hairy ass cats all sheddin' and cleanin' themselves and pukin' up hair balls and kickin' cat litter everywhere. I would need to vacuum everyday to ALMOST keep up. Then there's cleaning the kitchen after cooking. Um, no. TIRED OF IT. I HATE cleaning grease off the stove. I seriously used to scrub everything all the time....behind things....under things....cabinets...everything. No more. Nope.....I have lost control of cleaning and DON'T care! Ok. so maybe I do care.

Big Wheel Bitches.....holy jesus. It's gotten so much bigger than I ever anticipated! It really is a lot fun and es muy importante that is stays that way. SOS....need help.....Shirts, patches, buttons, stickers, website, myspace, emails....trying very hard to gain and keep control.

I need a Secretary.....really. Anybody lookin' for a job? HA! That's funny. No, it really isn't, I take it back.


Lori said...

Get a housekeeper. Seriously. If I could I would. They aren;t that much I hear. Like 80 bucks 2 times a month. Worth MILLIONS!

Stitchblade said...

SHE used to be a housekeeper....she was like very ANAL. I dunno what happened to her. Maybe I rubbed off on her too much? Maybe some of her is rubbing off on me. Maybe we are switchin identities? Maybe you are me and I am you? WTH?

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