Friday, February 6, 2009

Gettin' My Ass In Gear....Yo

Most of you know I'm part of a bad ass group of girls called the Big Wheel Bitches. Uh, yeah....100% PURE freakin' awesomeness. Have I ever mentioned that? Yeah, probably.

Last year we had some shirts made and I couldn't tell you how many times I was asked at different events about supporter shirts, so this year I hope to have some. With as many girls as we have, you'd think we'd have an arteest amongst us to design a logo. Nope. HOWEVER, a boy, uhhum, excuse, me....kick ass man we know has said he would help out again for which I am ever so greatful. We have some pretty sweet ass ideas, but gotta settle all the details. It's just so much freakin' work!

The last shirts I had made damn near pushed me over the edge. I mean holy freakin' CRAP. But whatever.....since we're pretty much the only gang that ain't so much a gang, I think the wonkiness of the shirts fit us perfectly, but it's time to move on to bigger and better. Anybody got any recommendations on screenprinters? I don't know that we'll be usin' the same little man again!

We've got some other pretty awesome stuff in the works, but that's all secret for now. You gotta know the knock to get the inside DL yo.

This year's gonna be a good one y'all! I can feel it in my bones. Onward and upward. The bitches got some bake sellin' to do and some funds to raise! Uh, yeah...that's TOTALLY how we roll!


Lori said...

Brad Hennecy with Workhorse printery does all kinds of awesomeness. He does Ria's shirts and tons of the bands around town. super nice, affordable!

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