Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Damn You Hello Kitty, Damn You

Maybe my mom weened me too soon, maybe I wasn't allowed to be exactly who I wanted to be when I was a teenager, maybe I'm just totally immature and need to grow the hell up. I dunno. I just can't seem to stop obsessing over Hello Kitty.....and it's all Tokidoki's fault.

I'm not like all those people that buy absolutely everything Hello Kitty they get their hands on....no, not me. I'm more selective. I want to cherish the bits of Hello Kitty awesomeness that I have. I want Hello Kitty things that no one else has.
This just seems to be a long ongoing thing for me. When I was like 10 or 11, I would go to the Hello Kitty store at the mall and spend WAY too much time tyring to figure out how I could stretch my allowance the best and come away with the most.

When I was teenager, I didn't carry a purse. I carried this little itty bitty Hello Kitty metal box that held a pack of cigarettes, a small bic lighter and my driver's license. I also kept all my cassette tapes in this little plastic Hello Kitty box....actually it was Badtz Maru. I still have this stuff too. I can't let go. I know I've talked about this issue of mine like a kabillion times before, but I just checked out the Tokidoki site again and there's more awesomeness there that I want so freakin' bad. Man, I wish I was rich, because this stuff is danged EXPENSIVE!
I want it. All of it. AND I totally can't afford it. I'll blame it on my kids. It's their fault that I can't have everything Tokidoki that I want. ALL their fault. Well, ok, so maybe not. I'm just a sucker and think my kids should have everything they want before I get what I want. I figure if they have all that they want now, they won't have this same issue I currently have. They'll get all their child like obsessions out of their systems before they become adults.
Admitting there is a problem is half the battle. Now, I gotta go see what I can sell so I can buy some tokidoki awesomeness. Just gimme time....you'll see.


susan and sometimes aaron said...

omg! i thought i'd grown out of this phase too! now i see and have to have. ugh! should i even dare to check out the site. i'm off!

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