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Weird Ass People

Some people think I'm weird. People that don't know me. They see me with my big red frizzy afro hair, lots of tattoos and my constant singin' of Christmas carols. Nope, not weird. I'm about as average as average can get. I take kids to school, I work, I cook dinner and I clean. I'm awesome, but not weird.

I've seen some weird people in my life. People that make me stop, scrunch up my nose and go "what the fuck? really?". I LOVE these people. There just aren't enough weird people in this world.
When I was a teenager there was this boy that had his eyebrows shaved and had "Born to" tattooed where one eyebrow should be and "Revolt" on the other. He liked to do cartwheels....A LOT... and he always said vivivivivideo. Totally weird.
Before I was married, I lived in these apartments that were kinda ghetto. Ok, so they weren't kinda ghetto, they were total ghetto. The surrounding area was little Mexico and our apartments were full of Vietnamese people that were always squatin' on their stoops. They didn't sit or stand, they squated. Maybe it's just what they did, but to me, it was freakin' weird. Those apartments were AWESOME and chock full of weird ass people. There was this one lady that always came up to the front office. You couldn't understand a single word she said. Not a one, and she spoke english. She also had the most scraggly beard I'd ever seen. She was fantastic. I loved seein' her. Then there was a lady that rode up and down the road all the time in her wheel chair. Back and forth all day. She had no legs and some dude was always with her he was all barrel chested and always wore sunglasses and a dew rag on his head. He looked so freakin' tuff and a little weird.

When we lived in Dallas (this is country ass bumpkin Dallas I'm talkin' about, not the city in Texas) there was this weird black woman that walked the streets. She was always well dressed and clean lookin', but weirder than marshmallows in a microwave. Some days she'd stand on the side of the road and beat her tambourine singin' about Jesus, another day she yell what a dirty white slut mother fuckin' ho bag you were. She was ALWAYS on the street. The word was that her and her sister were walkin' to work one day and her sister crossed the street when she shouldn't have got ran over and died. I guess if I saw something like that, I might be a little wonky in the head too.

Then there was this weird white dude that walked the streets of, he danced the streets of Dallas in shawty shawt cut off jeans. That was some fine sweet ass white man dancin' too. He made me so happy. Dear dancin' man, I miss you so much.

Even though we moved from Dallas a couple years ago, we still got a weird black woman that hangs out on the street. It doesn't appear that she brushes her hair and she just sits there on the side on the road on a milk crate. Yep, that's it.....just sits there. Weird.
I love weird ass people.


Anonymous said…
what a great piece.
I wish I knew you,you sound like a hella cool person.
best wishes

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