Friday, February 20, 2009

I Loved Being A Kid...yeah, it's totally random!

Yesterday I got an email about "you know you're a kid of the 80's if......". There were things there I had totally forgotten about. It really took me back to being a kid. I LOVED being a kid. I suppose that's why I'm still and always will be one at heart.

My favorites were those plastic charm necklaces. Oh how I wish I still had mine. A friend and I would walk to the Container Store (much different in the 80's) and spend out $2 allowance on a new charm every week. Oh Lord I loved those things! I must MUST get on ebay and buy myself one, but damn, have you seen how much they go for?

I also had banana clips out the wazoo. I wore one all the time so I could pull my hair back and people could see the lines I had shaved in my hair on the sides of my head. I thought I was so awesome....even then.

Remember when it was worth gettin' up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons? I did that even after all my friends had stopped. I totally loved Galaxy High and the Smurfs.
Oh...and what about multiples? I guess those were towards the end of the 80's for me. I can't say I ever wore any of it but the belt (the red thing in the picture), they made PERFECT skirts.....back when I was skinny. I LIVED in that skirt.

Then there were my Chuck Taylors.....wearing different colors with one another. Coloring and writing all over them and flippin' the tops of them down.

Wishing I could grow up to be as tough as Sam on The Facts of Life, only to later think she was a lesbian (once I found out what that was) and I was pretty sure I didn't want to be one of those.
Mixed tapes. Oh how I loved those. I still have one a boyfriend made me a hundred years ago. It's got love songs on one side and hate on the other. It's all punk so you know, the love side....well....punk was love to me then.
GHETTO BLASTERS! Still love 'em! Hell, the panties I'm wearin' RIGHT NOW got a big 'ol ghetto blaster on the butt.
Friday nights at the skatin' rink. Rockin' the white Ridells. I could do anything on those things. I even broke my ass bone on the wheel of one of my skates! I still have them....still use them if I get drunk enough.

Puffy stickers, glittery stickers, stickers that smelled like grapes. My sticker book was RAD.
Cruizin'. Everybody would cruise the parking lot at the movie's. I remember the smell of cigarettes and hairspray. Motley Crue comin' outta every car.
Not being allowed to watch MTV, because my Mom thought it was too racey. Anytime I could sneak some MTV time I was paralyzed by it. The moon man, the videos, Colin do I miss THAT MTV.
I remember when it was so cool to smoke too. I'd ride my friend's brother's bicycle (of course it had blue mag wheels) through the back parking lot of Osbourne High School and I'd be puffin' on one of those bubblegum cigarettes. I thought I was the shit. I was all "Hey, check me out! I'm in like 2nd grade and smokin'...I'm totally hot shit". Yeah. I told you I've always been awesome!
Bright yellow Walkmen, bicycles with banana seats, Max Headroom, Miami Vice on Friday's, jellies shoes, "Whatchou talkin' 'bout Willis?", dressin' up like Cindy Lauper, A.L.F, jelly bracelets....I could go on and on and on. Is it just me or was everything better then?


jujubeew2626 said...

holy hell - that was awesome...what a trip down memory lane. i loved those charm things!

Stitchblade said...

I STILL have my charms SOMEWHERE. They may be at my moms...there is even a toilet on there. I also still have my sticker book...a HUGE photo album and all the pages are all nasty...I even have two oilies...remember those? Yea..what's up now?

Lori said...

Sticker books were the dumbest things. They were super rad at the time but its just a book of useless stickers! I wish I had stuck them to things rather than just hoarding them in a book on the shelf.

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