Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Got A Bad Case of Spring Fever....

....and as it turns out, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. SIX MORE FREAKIN' WEEKS OF WINTER. Psht. Winter, schminter. We don't get winter here anymore. If it would actually get cold here and actually SNOW here, I would be all for six more weeks of winter. However, no matter what the stupid weatherman says, winter weather continues to elude us.

Winter so far has just been kinda chilly and just dries the hell out of my skin. There's nothin' like layin' in bed and all of a sudden gettin' that pin prick itch feeling of dry skin on your back just outta reach AND the awesomeness of a dry face that just wants to peel and look all nasty. I hate you Georgia winters....you do NOTHING for me.

I remember when I was a kid, we had snow days every year. Remember those? We'd put on long johns and two pair of pants, 3 shirts, wrap our feet in ziplock bags and put on 3 pairs of socks and head outside where we'd stay until the snot had frozen to our faces and our gloves were soaked through. Frostbite would be minutes away before we'd step foot back in the house. Man I loved snow days.

My kids have no idea what snow days are. They have nothing to miss, because they've never actually gotten a snow day that they can remember. Last year, we got one day of decent snow. Not awesome, just decent, and it was on a Saturday. By Sunday, it was gone. Several years ago, we'd actually take the boy up into the Tennessee mountains just so he could see snow......we can't even do that now. Even the mountains aren't gettin' snow now.

After the awesome almost 60 degree day we had this past weekend, I'm SO ready for Spring. I had a slight case of spring cleaning which my house needed terribly. Then the longing to drive Bess set in. Good music blarin' with the windows down.

Poor Bess has just been sittin' in the garage all sad and stuff. I'd drive her more often, but not so long ago one of the "a/c" vent doors (little vents under the dash that let fresh air in) fell off blasting in bits of rust, leaves and other shit that had been compiling in that little area for the past forty-five years. All the gunk has been blasted out, but now when you're drivin' down the road the cool winter air is dang near freezin' comin' in on your knees. No bueno my friends, no bueno. Oh how I miss driving her.

Everyone always makes plans to work on their cars during the winter months. Not us. You gotta have money to do that. Money that I'd rather be puttin' somewhere else right now. Although, I have been constantly on the look out for a working merc-o-matic transmission or a 5 bolt bellhousing for for a c-4 trans. My transmission has hit this shits and I'd rather not have to deal with having it rebuilt. It's still tolerable, but dang.....SO, if you read this and you know where I can find either at a DECENT (I heavily stress DECENT) price, let me know. I've come across the bellhousing I need a couple times in the past few months, but the people want WAY too much money for them. I mean like an ASS TON for them. I know they're hard to find yo, but shit....cut a girl a deal. It pisses me off that people are always lookin' to make an ass ton of money off that one part you need instead of just being awesome about it and sharing a common passion for old cars. It totally pisses me off. Whenever we've had somethin' that someone else has needed, we either given it to them or practically given it to them. Whatever. Some people are just shit.

Now that that rant is done and over with......C'Mon Spring!


jylie. said...

I remember that half a snowday last year! I have pictures from it and it was during and after a baby shower that I had planned. I have pictures from the snowball fight! Good times. :)

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