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Paperwork Pisses Mr. Cupcake Off

Yet another HILLARIOUS creation by my daughter! She draws them, I make them!

She likes to make sweet things irritated and angy. She really has one helluva dark sense of humor for a 7 year old!

When I asked her why she'd wanna make a cupcake so angry, she said "because paperwork makes Mr. Cupcake MAD"!

I feel ya Mr. Cupcake, I feel ya!

10 COMPLETELY Random Facts About Me!

I was given this funtastic task by Stitchblade with instructions to pass it along to 10 other bloggers. Being farely new to the world of blogging, I don't know 10 other bloggers so I'll just pick people who have blogs I like to read. Maybe they'll do it, maybe they won't.....

Now, on to the ten random, yet AWESOME facts about ME:

1. I pick my nose in the car and don't care if anyone sees

2. I like to put Krackel Bars in my pocket so they heat up and get all gooey before I eat them

3. I don't care that my kid's hardly ever wear clothes that match

4. I wish I had an awesome old pair of cowboy boots (just because I wanna be like Sissy in Urban Cowboy)

5. I sing Christmas songs ALL YEAR LONG, much to the chagrin of everyone I work with

6. I can do the truffle shuffle better than anyone you know

7. I hate washing my hair

8. I love tiny versions of things

9. I'm a total glitter whore

10. I love pork fat


Now, I tag:

1. Sew Sew Def

2. April and Angus Adventures

What Will WE Be for Halloween?

Not only do I have to worry about what the kids are gonna be for Halloween, I gotta figure out what my husband and I will be! Here is us last year.....Awesome, I know! This was at a Cinco de Mayo party we went to.....

I think you can tell, we pretty much LOVE dressing up. I have ideas for this year, but my husband hasn't gone for it.....yet. Here's my GRAND idea....We can be Sweatin' to the 80's!!! You know, he can be Richard Simmons and me one of the chunky chicks flailing around in the backgroud!

I thought I had a hit and run with this one. You know, my husband (we'll call him J) could wear some shorts that were at least two sizes to small, a bedazzled tanktop and a sweet afro wig. Me, I would find some shiny spandex leotard, sweat bands and a banana clip. My husband's reply, "Don't you wanna be comfortable though"? Psht....what's NOT comfortable about spandex??? I don't think he's too keen on me flauting my fat for everybod…

Halloween....I'm at a loss.

I freakin' LOVE Halloween! I love coming up with awesome things for my kids to go as. I pick something for them to dress up as for parties or festivals and they go as whatever they want for trick-or-treating.

One year my son was Doc Ock from Spider man. This one was all kinds of crazy to make! My mom and I had to make several trips to Home Depot just to get it right!
Then there's Naruto (which I think he wants to be again!). This costume we had custom made for him for his birthday. We got it from here and it was worth EVERY penny.....he's had it for two years and STILL wears it all the time! This year, he wants the latest and greatest updated Naruto costume so I will definitely go back to the same site and see what they have. Here are my son and daugther dressed up as Zorro and Lucille Ball. I absolutely LOVED the Lucy costume! My mom made the dress for her and it was just perfect!I tend to push the envelope with my daughter a little more than with my son. One year she was …

Franken Bear.....He's SPOOKTASTIC!

It has been too, too long since I last made something new. My etsy shop hasn't seen anything new in MONTHS. I got in a bit of a rut and didn't feel like clawing my way out of it. Sales have been ridiculously slow and that leads you to second guess what you're doing. I was already having a hard time balancing sewing time with mom and wife time. So....the suck ass econmony just gave me a reason to pretty much stop all together. Thanks economy!

ANYHOW, now that the weather is getting cooler and my basement isn't as hot as some chinese sweatshop tucked away in the corner of the netherworld, I'm starting to get the itch again. So yesterday, I told my daughter I was gonna head downstairs to sew and it was "all about me time". She could sit with me and do her own thing, but I needed to sew! She sat quietly and came up with some pretty fantastic ideas for some feltie creatures for me and this is what I did:

Ain't he cute!?!?!?! Now, after I rehydrate myself fro…

Rabid Wolf Spider!

So, the other night I was standing at the kitchen counter cutting potatos when I dropped one on the floor. I bent down to get it and came FACE to FACE with this!!!
First let me say that I have ZERO fear of spiders. HOWEVER, this was the hugest spider I had ever seen outside of a pet store! I thought for sure once it set it's little eyes on me it would for sure karate me in the face! No such thing happened and I was able to slowly move away.Now, here was the do I get this thing outta my house? My first thought was that if I pick up the bowl it's probably gonna attack me with some kung fu type stealth so I better be faster than kung fu. Hmm....maybe I'll pick up the bowl and fling it into the sink, spray that sucker into the garbage disposal and turn it into spider soup. Then I felt bad for even thinking that.I ended up getting my daughter (who screamed her little pea pickin' heart out when she saw it) to open our front door so I could pick up the bowl, b…