Sunday, September 21, 2008

Franken Bear.....He's SPOOKTASTIC!

It has been too, too long since I last made something new. My etsy shop hasn't seen anything new in MONTHS. I got in a bit of a rut and didn't feel like clawing my way out of it. Sales have been ridiculously slow and that leads you to second guess what you're doing. I was already having a hard time balancing sewing time with mom and wife time. So....the suck ass econmony just gave me a reason to pretty much stop all together. Thanks economy!

ANYHOW, now that the weather is getting cooler and my basement isn't as hot as some chinese sweatshop tucked away in the corner of the netherworld, I'm starting to get the itch again. So yesterday, I told my daughter I was gonna head downstairs to sew and it was "all about me time". She could sit with me and do her own thing, but I needed to sew! She sat quietly and came up with some pretty fantastic ideas for some feltie creatures for me and this is what I did:

Ain't he cute!?!?!?! Now, after I rehydrate myself from last night shananigans, I'll go do something else!


Stitchblade said...

He is awesome!

Christina Silverio said...

I so love your creations! So happy I found you! :)

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