Friday, September 26, 2008

What Will WE Be for Halloween?

Not only do I have to worry about what the kids are gonna be for Halloween, I gotta figure out what my husband and I will be! Here is us last year.....Awesome, I know! This was at a Cinco de Mayo party we went to.....

I think you can tell, we pretty much LOVE dressing up. I have ideas for this year, but my husband hasn't gone for it.....yet. Here's my GRAND idea....We can be Sweatin' to the 80's!!! You know, he can be Richard Simmons and me one of the chunky chicks flailing around in the backgroud!

I thought I had a hit and run with this one. You know, my husband (we'll call him J) could wear some shorts that were at least two sizes to small, a bedazzled tanktop and a sweet afro wig. Me, I would find some shiny spandex leotard, sweat bands and a banana clip. My husband's reply, "Don't you wanna be comfortable though"? Psht....what's NOT comfortable about spandex??? I don't think he's too keen on me flauting my fat for everybody and their mama's to see.

THAT led to my next idea! Moms. Easy and cheap (not mom's themselves! I mean the costume!!!). I can go to the thift store buy some AWESOME mom jeans, a sweet button up shirt with little kitties embroidered on each breast and some keds. Voila! When people ask what I'm supposed to be, I get to say "Yer Mom". LOVE IT!We did have another idea of what J could be that we came up with last year. We had to think long and hard about exactly how we were gonna top last year's "mentally challenged" cowboy. All I gotta say is it involves sheep.

Here's another AWESOME idea though......

I can't get passed how FANTASTIC this costume is! Have you EVER seen anything awesomer?????

I really wanna do the Sweatin' to the 80's thing, but I don't think he'll go for it. Mom jeans it'll probably be. As for J.......who knows. Will it be the sheep or maybe Humpty? You'll have to check back after Halloween to see!


Stitchblade said...

HEY he HAS to do the Richard Simmons. Every since you mentioned it on the phone I keep seeing that commercial with him in it and I laugh so hard cause I picture J doing it!

Stitchblade said...

that should read EVER geesh

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