Thursday, September 25, 2008

Halloween....I'm at a loss.

I freakin' LOVE Halloween! I love coming up with awesome things for my kids to go as. I pick something for them to dress up as for parties or festivals and they go as whatever they want for trick-or-treating.

One year my son was Doc Ock from Spider man. This one was all kinds of crazy to make! My mom and I had to make several trips to Home Depot just to get it right!
Then there's Naruto (which I think he wants to be again!). This costume we had custom made for him for his birthday. We got it from here and it was worth EVERY penny.....he's had it for two years and STILL wears it all the time! This year, he wants the latest and greatest updated Naruto costume so I will definitely go back to the same site and see what they have.

Here are my son and daugther dressed up as Zorro and Lucille Ball. I absolutely LOVED the Lucy costume! My mom made the dress for her and it was just perfect!I tend to push the envelope with my daughter a little more than with my son. One year she was Dolly Parton. Everytime I looked at her I laughed my ass off and she loved having boobs! So thought she was awesome!
Here she is as Marie Antoinette's ghost....slit throat and all from being beheaded! She really played it up well! This year, I'm at a loss. I've had ideas, but it's always too chilly for them, or I can't find just the right thing I'd need to pull it off. I think I'm gonna let my son do his own thing this year with being Naruto again, but I still wanna come up with something that's just freakin' awesome for my daughter.....she's young enough for me to still tell her what to do!

I thought about having her be the lady from the Alfred Hitchock movie The Birds, but last year had no luck finding the right suit for her to wear and couldn't find a pattern to make one small enough for her either. I also thought about Carmen Miranda (like the Chiquita Banana lady), but I don't want her to freeze!

Y'all got any ideas??? I could use some help!!


missknits said...

omgosh! what cool costumes! love the lucy costume! and the marie one was fantastic!! very creative!

Jaimee said...

Great costumes!
Such a sweet little Lucy!!!

Debbie Gootter said...

Those are too much- dolly parton!

Lori said...

There are so many choices! She could be any number of animals. Throw some tights and a fur on her and she'll always be warm. Plus there are leggings galore to put on her to warm her up a little more. Maybe she could be madonna? She's skinny enough. Or maybe a polygamists wife. She's young enough.

Stitchblade said...

Yer so haloweeny creative!

Stitchblade said...

Um and yea...yer it...

One Happy Tree said...

You freakin' kill me!!! I love these costumes. It's a toss up between Lucille Ball and Miss. Dolly Parton!!!

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