Friday, January 30, 2009

Moving Day

After just having moved my office less than a year ago, I just had to do it again. The worst part is moving all the files.....three freakin' filing cabinets full of files or should I say damn near lethal weapons. Fuck paper cuts....that's sissy ever get a redwell cut? Mmmhmmm.....a red well cut. Holy GAWD! Stupid redwells.
I've just about gotten everything back to normal in my new space which ain't half bad. It's super bright, which I love, and there's plenty of room for a Christmas tree when it's that time again. I'm also an irritating year round Christmas song singer so I can get back to that without botherin' too many people, because we're kinda tucked away in the back again. Yep....we are the red headed step children.
Wanna know what the awesomest part of the day was? I have gas. It's pretty much chronic, but today.....way bad toots. Lots of bending over and moving files. Bending over, ass in the air.....oops. Was that me? Maybe I can just walk away quickly for a moment since no one actually heard it. Um The smell followed me. I ran and it chased me. All I could do was turn and look and say seriously, that smell ain't from me. Not so convincing, but whatever.


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