Monday, March 15, 2010

It's What's Been Happenin'

Last week, I was fairly certain I was gonna lose my job. I was right.

Mr. Bossman took me into his office, shut the door and that was it. At first all I could could hear were each and every second hand of each and every of the 15 clocks he has in his office tickin' away. It was only a brief moment, but it felt like eons. Then he started sayin' all the words I had been prayin' wouldn't come. You know the sound the adults make on Charlie Brown? Yeah. That's pretty much all I heard. Even though I knew this was coming, all I could think was, "Yep. I'm fucked. After all these years, this is what it comes down to. Awesome." I'm a stability FREAK and this was gonna put a big fat dent in my stability. Dammit. I was and still am officially in panic mode.

So. That's that. I have approximately six weeks to find a job. So far, I've sent out 51 resumes. 51. I've gotten one call back, one email, and two interviews (one of which is this afternoon, which I'm REALLY, REALLY hopin' for) and one place even came across my blog. It was an IT company I sent an email to a company that I would love to work for just for the working environment alone. Little did I know, they would snoop around to see what they could find out about me and would be readin' my blog not even 15 minutes after I had sent them an email.

I never heard back from them.

At least now I'm aware of how easy a possible employer could find me on the internet so I was able to change what I thought I had already safeguarded myself against. Ugh.

Now, onto other things. This past weekend as you know was the weekend before St. Patty's Day and because I don't do the whole gettin' shit faced drunk on school nights, I've always looked forward to the weekend before when St. Patty's fell on a weekday. ALWAYS. This year it totally escaped me. We went to Atlanta Saturday night and there were all these drunk asshats stumblin' around wearin' green. I figured there was some big game and the team color was green. Then it hit me. I totally shoulda been one of those drunk asshats stumblin' around wearin' green. How had I missed this?!?!?! Not only was I not drunk and stumblin' around, I really would've rather been at home like usual.

I hardly drank at all that night (gasp, I know) and I apparently had a sign on me that said, "I generally don't like people, but tonight however I wanna talk to EVERYONE I don't really know, so please come talk to me", because everybody I didn't know wanted to talk to me. My face hurt from tryin' to keep that "I really do give a shit" smile on my face and my neck hurt from all the nodding in agreeance. I just wanted to be at home.

Home, home, home. If I don't find a job soon, I'll be spendin' a lot of time at home....that is until it's foreclosed on because we can't make the payments. Chin's up though. I'm gettin' this job I'm interviewing for today. I know it. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Jylie said...

Yeah, employers Google every potential candidate to find their Facebook, MySpace, blog accounts and anything else they can get their hands on. It's what makes their final decisions for employment. :(

Tiffany said...

Hey! That's the smile you always give me when I'm talkin'...

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Uh oh...busted Tiffany! No, I'm kiddin'...or am I?

Jyl....I don't (or so I thought)have anything attached to the email I was using for sending out resumes. I had totally forgotten that I had linked my blog to that particular email address trying to figure something out that I never figured out....totally forgot to delete it from my blog account! Ooops!

Lori said...

Now is the time to write down a budget and look at expenses. Also, coupons and sales for EVERYTHING. Only buy non perishables on sale at the grocery. Sign up for email things for any stores you would buy interview clothes at: gap, banana republic loft, etc so you can get the coupons if you are going to shop. lighten your cable, lessen your cell phone minutes, downgrade...turn the heat down/off. Its amazing how much this crap saves you. And well, be thankful you have 6weeks notice.

Loopy said...

That is craptacular! That totally stinks about the job. That boss should BLOW! >:
On the other hand... have you thought about blogging full time!? (like on other sites... like bust or something?). I'd read ya!

Ally said...

I too am out of work. Have been since September. It's so bad out here. I have sent over 125 resumes and never once have received call. I have landed all of 2 interviews and that was from employers finding my resume on Monster.

I'm a copywriter and public relations professional. I include a link to my blog and a link to an article in my hometown paper about a fan page I created that took-off on FB.

My field is social networking and interactive advertising. If I can't be out there doing what it is they are looking to pay me to do, then why would they consider hiring me?

I'm not sure which exact jobs are out there monitoring us online - but the truth is they should focus on criminal background checks of employees, not their personal lives. "Uhhh... this chick has two kids and a husband and likes going to thrift shops and concerts." So what??? How does that have anything to do with your performance at a future company??

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

You're right's so bad out there right now. I hope something comes your way soon! It is CRAZY how an employer can find out ANYTHING about you with the right IT guy. I've got a pretty strong personality and know how to curb it for the workplace, but I'm not sure if a future employer will even give me a chance if they read some of the things I write on my blog. I ain't sweatin' it though. I'll drive myself nuts if I do!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

welcome to the laid off club, I am just getting my life back together and it's been almost a year!!!

sucks don't it. why do they always lay off the awesome people?

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