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Crazy Danged Americans

The votes have been tallied. The people have spoken AND they're still talkin' about the election and will be talkin' about the election for the next several weeks to come. It's starting to give me a headache really.

It's pretty crazy to see all the intense reactions when you're someone like me that totally 100% don't give a flyin' terd. Like I said before, we've been screwed for a long time and it ain't gonna change anytime soon no matter who our President is.

I wanted to share what people are sayin' so I've copied bulletins posted on myspace not longer after the final count was made. I only actually know two or three of the people that these opinions came from and a couple of those shocked me.
It's all so interesting. So very, very interesting.......oh, and so you know the one that drops the N-bomb, was written by a black dude so don't start yer dern preachin'.

Here they are:

It's 12:30 PM. My mom and sister stopped by the house for a minute. I was standing in MY driveway, in broad daylight, and this is what happens.A full size red pickup truck ,with 3 black males standing up through the sunroof of the cab, are riding down our street. Yes, they are hanging out the top of their truck, yelling at the top of their lungs "OBAMA WON".I have a McCain yard sign in the front.Once the sign was spotted, I then hear, as do my MOTHER and SISTER, and 9 year old brother "OBAMA won you FAT, FUCKING, WHITE BITCH", followed by much laughter. Not just one time, but all the way down the street until the truck disappears.

I am in disbeliefs how "set back in time" some people are reacting to this election.All this talk to concern on how things are going to be post Obama's election, stocking up on guns, and getting ready for Civil War 2, seriously?????.... it looks like the only people we should of be more concern with is the "white-minded" folks of Georgia.... cause at this point it looks like there the only ones it looks like causing a ruckus.Grow up people and open your eyes.


Look how easy his job is going to be.......this country is already fucked up. He can go ahead and shoot it in the head while its down ,or fix it.I pray he fixes itI don't believe in him , I didn't vote for him.

I cant beleive how blind our nation is. This man is a radical liberal that will cause more harm then good. He is going to strain our economy even more then it is now, and head us down a path of socialism. It makes me so pissed! I'm just glad I was old enough to vote this election.

I am still in shock over the election. What the fuck has happened to this country?

That Ive heard a lot of fucking gun shots going off like they're fire works go fucking figure. Duck and Cover Lock the Doors and Turn Out the lights.I Hope This guy does a good job Because someone got shot for him tonight
we're all fucked now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even given the shitty day I've had today....I dont think I've had a bigger smile on my face like I do right now!Obama 2008! I can go to sleep in peace now.

At least we got a minority now and they are willing to reason and work with him better than ya average good ol boy kill the niggers stupid ass red neck in the office! But anyway it was a good race but the democrats jus came out on top and not tryin to bad mouth mccain but he jus made sum bad moves so its wutever! And like all the people that hate black people if u dont like america now cus a black dude is president do like yall tell everybody else GET THE HELL OUT !!!

We are FUCKED!!! The only reason Obama is in office right now is because he is black and a Democrat. But the truth of the matter is he's just as white as he is black. Also ask anyone who voted for him why they chose to. Want to know their answer? "Because we have had 8 years of this shit we need a change" What is he going to change? Gas prices? they are already dropping....Maybe the war? Its already half way done and there is a reason we are still over there. the government only tells us what we want to know.
Crazy Danged Americans! That's all I gotta say!
More to come tomorrow!


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