Monday, November 17, 2008

More Fun Than 18 Barrels of Monkies!

Saturday was my birthday and as hard as he tried, J couldn't keep the party a suprise. I knew when I left for the salon to get my hairs did that when I got home there would be people there and I could only hope my hair didn't look like ass when I got home.

When I left the salon and headed back home, you could barely tell my hair had even been cut, it was kinda the wrong color red, there wasn't enough blonde and it was WAY frizzy. You should never leave a salon with rat ass lookin' hair, but I did....not that anyone ever sees me with anything but ratted out hair because of the crap humidity in Georgia, but still, I had hopes. It was nothing a litte gin wouldn't fix so I grabbed my drankin' cup and started.
My b-fri from Texas couldn't make it so I drew a picture of her and carried her around with me most of the night. We ate cake together....
danced together and drank way too much together. She was even there with me when we all had a Journey sing-a-long. I miss her terribly......wah.
It was also a fight night so of course the boys were upstairs for a while......
while us girls (psht.....and Troy the butt) were downstairs. No boys means time to change the music and start shakin' our asses to a little Kanye. Yeah, that's right.....I said Kanye. Any boy that came downstairs was pretty much accosted. He was bumped and grinded into the middle of a frenzy of girating girls. It was totally awesome....
By the end of the night my face and stomach hurt from laughin' and dancin' my ass off. Lookin' back on the night, I'm so proud of J. He really busted his hump to make sure my day was a good one. I had a cake, decorations, and all of my friends. I even had gifts! I LOVE gifts! I'm so so so lucky to have the husband and friends that I do. I love all of you and hope we know each other for many, many years to come!


Loopy said...

Ooo... Hello Kitty & Booze?
I approve! Happy bday to you!

Stitchblade said...

Man I had SO much fun! I hope I didn't give too many people papercuts with all that paper shakin going on!

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