Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Found Heaven Today

I found heaven......and here it is.......
I came across it on a blog I love called Loopy Rocket whose lovely ladies post about the most obscure awesome amazing things EVER! For instance where else would you come across something as totally awesome as WWBD.....fantastic temporary tattoos that include a freakin' PINK unicorn....or perhaps the Zombie Last Supper? This blog is often the highlight of my day and I love them for it. Thank you Loopy Rocket, thank you.
Now, back to heaven.

Every Thanksgiving it's the same ol' thing. Turkey. It's always been cooked in the oven, it's always dry and it always puts you to sleep.
Then came fried turkeys. It really is true that EVERYTHING is better fried. If you can get past the possibility of burning your face off by sinking the bird in a vat of peanut oil then this is the way to go on turkey day. Just my opinion....
People didn't stop there though. A few years back came the insane idea of stuffing a turkey with a duck that had been stuffed with a chicken. Mmmmm......I freakin' love meat. I haven't had turducken though and really can't say it's something I've been dying to try. That is until I saw the Turbaconducken. Holy God! Turkey, duck, chicken AND freakin' bacon. Oh hell.....I can feel the ol' ticker palpatating now.
Now, we just need to manage to get some beef in there somehow. It would be called the Turbeefaconducken. I don't know anybody that doesn't love a Slim Jim so maybe we could stuff a few Slim Jim's up the tookis of the turkey and call it day.

Like I said, I found Heaven.


Misti Mayhem said...

Holy crap.. as if my blood preassure isn't high enough! but I looove bacon.. the duck I can do without.. and I think that everyone should wear viking helmets every day.. or at least on the weekends.. I'm gonna make Brandy start with me.. every weekend a different theme.... next weekend is PIRATES>..

Loopy said...

Awww shucks! We Love you Too!!
(p.s. If you make that Turbaconducken, I'm not opposed to stalking you at Thanksgiving. I can smell the heaven from here baby!)

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