Friday, November 14, 2008

Rev Runs Inspirational Words Yo

"If you can get over your past you can secure your future! Here’s some keys to renewal………#1)You MUST be willing to move beyond old wounds. #2)You MUST let go of jealousy and anger. #3) Don’t look back!!!!… Go forward!!!" - Rev. Run

If you're just plain ol' stuck and can't let go of the past, read this...over and over and let it really sink in. Rev Run knows what he's talkin' about yo!
There's a time to move on and get over it. Quit letting things from so long ago dictate how you live your life. You ain't gotta forget it, just come to peace with it and let it go.

You can't live a shitty life and pretend it's not shitty all the while you hate everything and everybody. All those things from your past become excuses for laziness. It takes work to let go of bullshit ya know?

I have this uncanny ability to just flip a switch. On, off, on, off. I could be done with something or somebody in an instant. It was just a matter of flippin' that switch. I thought of it as a gift I suppose, but in all reality, it was just me not wanting to face bullshit and move beyond it, because that might mean facing some facts that I didn't wanna face. That switch was like a safety net protecting me from stupid feelings that I'd rather just avoid all together.

I still have the switch. I can still turn it on and off, but I decided to deal with the bullshit so I can be totally done with it instead of just burrying it for another day. It's way awesomer bein' all happy and shit instead of walkin' around lookin' like you're smellin' onions all the time.

My advice: Face the bullshit and move beyond it. Your life will be better because of it.


FromJapanWithLove said...

I totally agree with you....facing stuff is the only way to live because one way or the other it will bite you if you don't!

urskatergirl said...

I agree to. Why deal with all the bullshit over and over again. Just to much drama...

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