Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stupid Irrational Fears

We all have them. Those things that totally give us the heebiejeebies. Have you ever considered that someone may be afraid of something just because it makes them like other people? Like my daughter for instance. All of a sudden she's deathly afraid of clowns. REALLY? Clowns? Can't she be more original than that? When I asked her why she was afraid of them she just said she didn't know, they just creeped her out. Ok, sure kid, whatevs! I'm mean honestly...who'd be afraid of this?

After hearing of her sudden fear, it made me think......I think some people actually fake being scared of things just so they can connect with someone or get some weird sorta sympathy. You know, like the fat girl in high school who always had her wrist wrapped in a dirty ace bandage for months at a time. You KNOW there ain't shit wrong with her wrist. SHE knows there ain't shit wrong with her wrist, but maybe, just maybe, it'll be the start of a conversation she may have not otherwise gotten to have. Yeah, I was always one of the people that got suckered into asking what happened. It wasn't that I gave two shits about what happened, I just wanted to know if she'd say it was some crazy cheerleading accident. Like she was the top of the pyramid and fell off. I mean that's what I'd say if I were a fat girl in highschool with my wrist always wrapped up. Back to the point....

I'm not saying that everyone's fears are faked. I have a two left and believe me they are WAY over the top, but I choose to keep my big mouth shut and not share them with anyone, because people will surely torture me and I WILL get over them.

For instance, years ago I had this weird thing for wadded up papertowels of napkins. They didn't even have to be dirty at all. They totally creeped me the fuck out. Like over the edge creeped me out. People would chase me and throw 'em at me just to see my reaction. NOT FUNNY!

No one knew about it this total fuckedupedness of mine for many, many years. I even knew a girl once that had the same exact crazy ass fear and I never talked to her about it out of fear of anyone finding out. Yeah, once people found out, they would TORTURE me and OH how they did......I went to grab a book outta my bookbag once only to find gobs of crunched up crumpled napkins in it. Bastards. NOT funny. I decided one day I needed to suck it up and get over it. I was no longer gonna be the girl that got napkins thrown at her by her father-in-law at Thanksgiving dinner. Nope. No more, no sir. I FORCED myself to get over it and (super high five) I totally got over it.

As to the other of my stupid fears, again, I choose to keep those to myself. I made the mistake of telling J about one of them a few weeks ago and now he totally teases and tortures me about it. Yeah well, he's one of those millions of retards that freak over spiders so all I gotta do is grab a harmless little granddaddy long leg and chase him with it. He'll run and squeal like a girl. I've done it to him's awesome.

What I'm tryin' to say is all our fears are in our little brains and we can totally get over them if we want to. That is, if they're even real fears in the first place and you're not totally fakin' that shit for attention.


Stitchblade said...

Hey fears are totally 100%

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