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I Got My "I Voted" Sticker.....

I sure did! Well, I totally cheated. I found one on the ground, picked up and wiped all the schmootz off it and pushed as hard as I possibly could to get it to stick to my shirt. Then I went to Starbucks. They were givin' away free drinks to people with "I Voted" stickers. Then after Starbucks, I went to Krispy Kreme and got a free donut. think, I was gonna go waste my time in line to vote just so I could get a free coffee and donut!

So yeah, I didn't vote. Holy god, the shit I got! "Oh my god, you're not gonna vote?"....."Don't you want your voice to be heard?"........"Don't you want change"...."You can vote for the lesser of two evils"!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. MY voice is heard. Ask anyone that knows me. The two doofuses running for the presidency DO NOT represent MY voice. Change schmange.....all politicians are the same. Neither candidate represents what I believe this country needs.....even in a kinda sorta way. They both have equally ridiculous ideas, which I see no point in getting into. We'd just go in circles. Plus, we've all heard it over and over and over and over. So, here's my totally immature assessment of the two.......

McCain talks like a robot. The only way I coulda stomached him was if he actually did the robot every time he talked. Now THAT would've been awesome. Now, let's talk about his choice for VP. Wow, Mr. McCain was seriously pullin' at some strings with that one. I'm not sayin' Mrs. Alaska's dumber than dirt or anything like everybody else, I'm just sayin' that she's better suited to do Jager bombs with than be second in control and then she'd only be second for so long, because McCain's like 102 years old. When he'd kick the bucket she'd be number 1. No thanks.

Let's move on to our new President. Barack Hussein Obama. Anybody else notice that his middle name is Hussein? No? I totally did. I think Obama is just an arrogant a-hole. He's more of a rock star than a President. I bet he looks in the mirror everyday throws his fist up in the air, gives himself and wink and tells himself he's gonna rock out with his cock out. Yeah, that's what I'm sayin' and did anybody ever notice that his hands look JUST like Cris Rocks? Seriously, that creeps me out.....and as a total side note, this is the first election where when the new President was announced, gun shots could be heard ringin' out in every major city. Let me ponder that for a moment.......ok, I'm done ponderin'.

Seriously y'all, we were screwed either way. We as American people lost control of our country a long time ago and we're not gettin' it back any time matter who our new President ended up bein'.


Loopy said…
Ha! I like the new label: "Screwed Americans" ...very nice.

And my *$@# poll ladies didn't give me no "I Voted" sticker! Even tho I deserved that darn coffee & krispy creme! Gosh durnit!

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