Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Worn the Heck Out

I knew this weekend was gonna be crazy, but took a lot outta me! I think I'm not meant to have too many people in my house at one time unless there is mass drinkin' involved. I'm just too much of a control freak. I like things to be a certain way and when those things are pretty much opposite of the way I think they should be, I just wanna poke out my eyeball. Now, it's Monday and I'm still totally zonked and i still have a killer headache. I wish I was at home cleaning some and gettin' ready for Christmas Eve. I hate doin' extra stuff on top of all the everyday stuff when I get home from work.

Amazingly, I managed to get everything (mostly) marked off my to-do list that I needed to get done this weekend. We took the girls to see the Lights of Life and that place was CRAZY this year! I think more people are lookin' for free or really cheap stuff to do now since the economy blows. Me, I'm ALWAYS about cheap or free. I wanted to take the kids to the Stone Mountain Christmas thing, but it's like $22 for adults and $17 for kids.....just to walk around in a Christmas decorated town and see Santa and a Snow Angel. That's absofreackinlutely RIDICULOUS! I'll totally pay that much to take the kids to the King Tut Exhibit in a few weeks, but to see a fat man dressed up in a Santa suit sayin' HO HO HO? No.
This weekend I also got tattooed, actually did my first tattoo (Hello Kitty on Jay's soon to come!), and got a Christmas gift that J couldn't wait to give me. It's the baddest assest ring like EVER, but again, you gotta wait for the picture. No pictures today. Usually I get them uploaded and resized and purdy right after they're taken, but like I said, I'm worn the heck out.
My dogs got out again this weekend (dumb damn dogs) and I received the last of my Christmas stuff I had ordered in the mail. I even got this DVD signed by Elton John. I'm assuming I won it through a sweepstakes or somethin' since I do those every now and again......anybody want it? I ain't got no use fer it. AND ontop of all this awesomeness, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. Again. Atleast I hadn't actually used the toilet yet this time. BUT, my phone's a bit wonky now. The first time all was good. There was no water damage, but this time the little dot turned red indicating water damage (there's actually a little dot behind your phone battery that turns red if there is any water damage...did you know that? Sneaky little bastards!). I just can't afford another phone right now and I'm a year from an upgrade. Anybody got an AT&T phone they wanna donate???

Now, here it is two days away from Christmas Eve. I'm in the home stretch. Almost there. I'll clean up some tonight after dinner and the fun and crazy will start tomorrow when I start the cooking. Mmm...I can't wait. It's gonna be awesome! Ill also hopefully get some pictures ready to add to tomorrow's blog.
Until then.......


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