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I'm a Big Cluster F.....err Mess!

Tree decorated....check Stockings made and taken to the Spruill Gallery....check (If you want one, I got 'em here....I have more that aren't listed too....some are what you see below) Remember Little Jimmy (Elf on the Shelf)....check
Finish buying Christmas Gifts....big FAT FREAKIN' CHECK part of it's done, but only PART. Thank God for the soothing sounds of Christmas music keepin' me momentarily sane. Yes, I said soothing. I love Christmas music. I'm sure I've mentioned it before. I sing it all year long, but it's way more now.

This weekend our friends Jay and Allison and their kids are coming into town to stay with us so we'll have a full house. I'm hoping to take the kids to the Lights of Life (awesome drive through Christmas ligts type thing) Friday night. We'll leave the boys at home I suppose.

I also need to go to the DeKalb Farmer's market this weekend to buy everything we need for the Christmas Eve dinner. After years of going to my parent's house on Christmas Eve, the tradition's gonna change this year. I'm a little sad (I'm a total sucker for tradition), but I'm also pretty excited. We get to cook fancy stuff! Most likely beef tenderloin, lobster and the most delicious garlic green beans EVER...and can't forget the potatos (without goat cheese....that shit was nasty). First though, I need to find a recipe I wanna use for the tenderloin....any suggestions?

After that, it's Christmas.....presents, mess, paper everywhere.....dinner with the man's parents (the man ain't happy with his dad right now so it should be AWESOME!).

I still haven't given J a wishlist either. Not that he EVER buys me anything on it though. Last year it was a dolphin patch for my jacket, an elk lighter, a pair of brass knuckles and a straight razor. It was pretty sweet, but really, that was one helluva gangster gift set for sure. He must've thought I had a hit list or something.
He tends to go to Hot Topic and buy everything there. After almost 15 years, you think he'd think outside the box a bit. There are so many things I love that he knows I love. I've even said "I WANT THAT!". Does he remember? NO! The list of things he wants on a daily basis is what consumes him (and believe me it's A LOT!) He never remembers anything I mention. Maybe this year will be my year. Psht.....right. I guess I shouldn't complain because he makes up for it in so many other ways, but it'd still be nice.

We're also having a party at our house after Christmas. It's gonna be our "Christmas Ain't Over Yet Bitches" party. It'll be a pot luck kinda thing where everybody brings a dish (hopefully), but I'll still do way too much I'm sure. I overdo just about everything. I already have three things to cook for it and I'm also gonna do some baking. I still gotta figure out what to bake.....eww...that reminds me...I need to do a rum cake THIS WEEKEND. Oh shit. The list gets bigger and bigger.......

Did I mention I LOVE CHRISTMAS??? All that junk aside, I really, really do. I think all the hustle and bustle just makes it awesomer. I love goin', goin', goin'. Sittin' is for sissies, and so is exercise.


Loopy said…
Dude, that is one scary Santa!
Is it just me, or does it look like Santa just poofed, and Mrs. Claus is in the line of fire?

And Hellllo Lights of Life! What is this you speak of!? Pretty!
I love the picture of the Christmas tree and the market looks great!!! I miss markets!!! Happy holidays to you!!!

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