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I Hit A Wall Today

I was sittin' here just workin' along then BAAAAM I hit a stupid wall. I'm pooped. Pooped totally. No more el worko for me-o. Can't do it. My eyes don't wanna stay open. I feel like barfing up my lunch. Not sure why, maybe because it would wake me up for a minute or maybe it's because I ate an onion sammich for lunch. I dunno.

I think it's time to hang up my awesome party pants for a minute or two. I'm about partied out. This was the first Christmas that everything was at our house. All the shopping, all the preparation, all the cookin' and cleanin' and all with two kids that were outta school and ready for Santa. Well, one and a half kids, because the boy keeps himself entertained and stays behaved, but the girl she's a WHOLE nother story! She's like three kids all rolled into one...always attached to my hip. Right there always. There was Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Lunch/Dinner. There was my parents, his parents and maybe even y'alls parents. Then there was the other party. It was awesome. I must post pictures. That was me thinking out loud. Those may be up tomorrow. Stress on MAY.

Talking about the party....somebody left a bunch of wadded up bloody napkins in the bathroom trashcan. That shit was nasty. I curse whoever did it. So if you're the culprit and you're reading this and you have some really shit luck fall on you, maybe you should think twice about leaving an ass ton of your nasty blood in my trash can. You coulda handled that a little better yo.

Did I mention that I got butt panties for Christmas? I'm most excited about those. I totally tried to squeeze into them again thinking maybe I'd lost like 15 lbs. since the last time I tried them on. I was wrong.

Thank god there's another long weekend comin' up for the New Year. There will be no partyin' for us. We always stay home and watch the ball drop with the kids while everybody's out gettin' drunk and stupid.

I'm partied out. Tired. Way tired. My body just quit.


Tara Lea said…
And I want an apron. Let me know a price. I was doing all my Christmas cookin and thought about them. The B(*&^ ring is cool too!

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