Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm broke....Anybody Wanna Do Some Trading?

Yep, I spent WAY too much on the kids this year. Not surprising. I always do. I want them to have everything they want that I can give them. They may get most their clothes from a thrift store and not a lot of stuff through the year, but dammit.....Christmas will rock their socks off if I have any damn say. I go way overboard. So what.

So what.....what happened is this year I end up having no money left for anyone else. That's so what. I'm a gift giver. I LOVE giving gifts that make people happy. I love the thought that goes into finding the perfect gift........I see the face of the person that's gonna get it and it makes me HAAAPPPYYY! It ain't like I get everybody and their mama's gifts, I CAN'T afford that, but I still got stuff to give yo and the people I got stuff to give to still have already gotten all kindsa weird hand made stuff from me (which they will still get this year), but I have ideas....things I wanna buy. Dammit.

SO, here's my proposition......anybody out there in handmade land wanting to do a little trading? I got aprons,
and stockings. I can also make felt monsters, creatures, animals, whatever....I can even make things from pictures your kids draw! All 100% PURE FREAKIN' AWESOMNESS if you're interested!

Here's what I'm lookin for:

Crazy awesome stuff for J. He's the tattooed, old car and motorcycle kinda guy.

Unique, pretty jewelry for my mom. Not beads and crystals though. or maybe some pottery kinda stuff.

Anything Naruto for B.

GA Tech something for my step dad....or something man like.

Some awesome computer geekery or funny something for my Bro.

I think that's about it. Anybody up for trades?


Lori said...

You always know I'll trade. Too bad there aren't any babies to buy for.

Dana said...

You are the craftiest bitch I know. I don't know how you find the time to do everything it is that you do. You are truely a super woman!

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