Thursday, December 11, 2008

Something's Happened to Me

My tape dispenser ran out of tape so I reached into the top drawer of my desk to get a new roll out and there wasn't one there.

I went to Victoria's Secret last week and went to pull a coupon out of my wallet and it wasn't where it was supposed to be. I had to dig though my entire purse to find it. (It was a really good coupon man!)

I didn't start my Christmas list until TWO DAYS before black friday.

My stove top hasn't been properly cleaned in over a week. It's a black stove top. I hate black stove tops. Somebody told me I would, I didn't believe it. They were right. I was wrong. Stupid black stove top, I hate cleaning you and won't until this weekend.

There's probably a pink ring around the guest bathroom toilet and the shelf over the toilet is dusty I'm sure.

There is cat litter all over my bedroom floor by the cat box and it's been there for DAYS.

I haven't cleaned our bathroom floor in months. Like three months.....and the kid's bathroom....they clean it when I tell them to or it doesn't get done.

There are papers everywhere. Everywhere is shit. Loads of it. I don't know where anything is pretty much ever anymore.

My "TO DO" list says "make list for J" and "make Christmas dinner list"....seriously my to do list is telling me I have more to do lists to DO when I have the time (this isn't my to do list, but that's funny as shit!).
You could ask anybody that has known me for years about my organization and cleaning habits. They'd probably say I'm over the top ridiculous. I had to be that way to be sane. Now, not so much I guess. There was seriously NOT AN EXTRA BOX OF TAPE IN MY TOP DRAWER! There used to ALWAYS be another box there.

There was a time that I could reach into my purse without ever looking and be able to pull out whatever I needed. Not one glance. Now, there's things in my purse that I didn't even know I ever had. Our house is trashed. Like all the time. People come over and it's trashed. A few year's ago, my house was spotless....always. Nothing out of its place. Everything had a place. I was just shy of some serious OCD type shit..... Labels the same way in the fridge, pantry and bathroom. I would scrape the cracks and crevices of the floors with a knife so there was never any crap caked up. I would clean UNDER my stove and fridge ALL THE TIME. Niknak's got dusted once a week or more. I used to vacuum everyday. No more......none of it. Labels, schmabels. Scrubbing crevices with a knife.....whatever. Vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms? Yeah, I'll get around to that.....eventually....when I feel like it.

Seriously, what has happened to me? I think I've gone a bit wonky. Oh well, I'm still awesome.


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