Wednesday, November 26, 2008

For The Love of God!

This is gonna be a little touchy for some people, but it's something that gets under my skin and ya know opinions are like assholes, we all got I'm gonna share opinion, not my asshole...thanks.

Several years ago, I knew a lady who had written a book about her struggles in life and how her faith in God helped her through them. Normally, you wouldn't catch me dead with this sorta book (afraid I'd might burn in hell with the things I'd be thinking as reading it), but the book was given to me as a gift from the author so I figured I'd at least be nice enough to read it.

In one of the chapters she talked about how broke she was. She had less than $2 to her name. She needed to buy formula for her baby (I thought "you know that's what God gave you them udders for" but whatevs) and on top of that she would have to tythe 10% that morning in church. She said she had actually struggled with what to do, tythe or buy her baby food. She tythed the money she had and said she felt it would be God's will to make sure he baby was fed.


I knew I did NOT just read that. Oh yes, yes I had. My eyeballs damn near fell outta my head, but I had totally just read that. God don't need your money! You're baby needs FOOD! Holy shit! Anyhow, she goes on further to say that when she got home her mother had brought her some groceries including food for the baby. To her, that was God providing for her. Uh, no. That was your mother providing for you, because she is a mother and that's what mother's do! They provide for their kids!!!

I could go on and on about organized religion....the guilt that's put on you and the hipocracy of most everyone involved, but I don't feel like shit talkin'. Amazing, I know. I think we all make our own future and our future is made by our decisions. God does not make your life go one way or another. Things are gonna happen that are completely out of our control, but how we handle those situations makes us who we are. Going to church everytime it's open does not make anybody any better than anyone else. Saying that God is your love and savior ain't gonna make a dern bit of difference at the end of your day. It's the decions you've made throughout your day. What's gonna happen is gonna happen. It's who YOU are that dictates your life. Not God.

I don't know what exactly I believe in. I have my thoughts and beliefs, but they're personal as I believe religious beliefs should be. I know I'm a realist and want proof of everything before I can say it's true or not. I do believe in a higher power, but I don't know what it is. I might be my own higher power or it might be a God. I dunno. What I do know is that since I stopped having such sour grapes about everything in my life, my life has changed.

The end. I'm tired of writing this and I feel like poo today and I've totally irritated on.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Does ANYBODY Even Read This???

First, let me say my regular post is just below and here is a preview......
HOWEVER, you must first read this before you get to THAT!

I started this blog to showcase my crafty stuff, but that's such a teeny part of my life that it didn't last long. I love to write. A lot. I used to do it all the time and had kinda forgotten about it until I realized I could use my blog to do it. I got a lot of retarded stuff in my brain and I really just need to get some of it out so I can fill it with more crap and it's a bonus that I can get it out there for people to read.

Anyhow, I can know that people look at my blog and a few little details about each of you because of the tracker thingy, but I wanna know who you are! SO, leave me a comment and tell me! Tell me anything. Randomness can so make a person's day.

Just to give you a little further incentive, I will randomly pick a few people and send you something totally ridiculous (if you'll give up your address that is) as a thanks for letting me know who you are. Hell, you can even stay anonamous, just leave me a comment! BUT, if you want an awesome and probably cheap surprise, just leave your email address in the comment (I totally won't spam you, that's shit's lame). I don't have any fancy randomness picker thing, so I will close my eyes and pick. I might even send something to everyone...I'm in a pretty giving mood these days.

Now, tell me who you are! Just leave me a random comment sometime this week (11-25 thru 11-30 only) with your email address and I'll get in touch with you for your address. It only takes a second....C'Mon, you know you want something awesome sent to you!
Thanks and YOU have an awesome day!

Fine Print......
I curse anyone that reads this and doesn't leave me a comment with poop soup for THREE WHOLE DAYS! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

After you leave a comment you MUST read about this......

I Found Heaven Today

I found heaven......and here it is.......
I came across it on a blog I love called Loopy Rocket whose lovely ladies post about the most obscure awesome amazing things EVER! For instance where else would you come across something as totally awesome as WWBD.....fantastic temporary tattoos that include a freakin' PINK unicorn....or perhaps the Zombie Last Supper? This blog is often the highlight of my day and I love them for it. Thank you Loopy Rocket, thank you.
Now, back to heaven.

Every Thanksgiving it's the same ol' thing. Turkey. It's always been cooked in the oven, it's always dry and it always puts you to sleep.
Then came fried turkeys. It really is true that EVERYTHING is better fried. If you can get past the possibility of burning your face off by sinking the bird in a vat of peanut oil then this is the way to go on turkey day. Just my opinion....
People didn't stop there though. A few years back came the insane idea of stuffing a turkey with a duck that had been stuffed with a chicken. Mmmmm......I freakin' love meat. I haven't had turducken though and really can't say it's something I've been dying to try. That is until I saw the Turbaconducken. Holy God! Turkey, duck, chicken AND freakin' bacon. Oh hell.....I can feel the ol' ticker palpatating now.
Now, we just need to manage to get some beef in there somehow. It would be called the Turbeefaconducken. I don't know anybody that doesn't love a Slim Jim so maybe we could stuff a few Slim Jim's up the tookis of the turkey and call it day.

Like I said, I found Heaven.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Totally Bustin' My Hump

As if my chubby gnawed fingernail little boy hands don't look bad enough, you wouldn't believe how my poor hands look now. I've spent the last week sewing until my fingers might fall off, BUT it paid off. I managed to take 20 somethin' bears to the Spruill Gallery for their Holiday Artist Market. YAY bears!
The gallery is in this awesome old house off Ashford Dunwoody Road in Atlanta. It has hardwood floors that look like they've seen many years of visitors and you just get a real sense of coziness when you're there. My girl swears the place is haunted though. She stood on the steps outside and tried to convince me......she was "totally creeped out...I just got this really odd feeling in there Mom". YES! She totally just gave me some ammunition! Now, whenever she gets all sass mouth with me, I'm gonna tell her if is she doesn't watch it, I'm gonna drop her off at the gallery and make her spend the night! Mwahahahahaha!!!! That'll teach her.Of course, her brother comes out all actin' like he's possessed by some crazy ghost that dances and makes weird noises which only freaks her out even more.......
I don't know if the place is haunted or not, but it's definitely a unique place for an art gallery.

While I was there, I talked briefly with the curator who asked if I happened to make Christmas stockings. "Uh, no, but I totally can". AND I totally will!!! I love the challenge of making new things and it kinda lights a fire under my ass knowing I gotta have 'em done by THIS FREAKIN' WEEKEND!!! Here's just a few I did yesterday. I still need to come up with a few ideas, but I think I've gotten off to a pretty good start.
Let's just hope I can get a decent amount there before the market opens to the public!

Here's the downlo on it:
Holiday Artist Market
Dec. 5th – 24th, 2008

Opening reception
Thur, Dec 4, 20086:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Market Hours
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.Monday – Saturday

Family Day
Sunday, December 1411:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Bring your kids for some fun art-making, holiday fun!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stupid Irrational Fears

We all have them. Those things that totally give us the heebiejeebies. Have you ever considered that someone may be afraid of something just because it makes them like other people? Like my daughter for instance. All of a sudden she's deathly afraid of clowns. REALLY? Clowns? Can't she be more original than that? When I asked her why she was afraid of them she just said she didn't know, they just creeped her out. Ok, sure kid, whatevs! I'm mean honestly...who'd be afraid of this?

After hearing of her sudden fear, it made me think......I think some people actually fake being scared of things just so they can connect with someone or get some weird sorta sympathy. You know, like the fat girl in high school who always had her wrist wrapped in a dirty ace bandage for months at a time. You KNOW there ain't shit wrong with her wrist. SHE knows there ain't shit wrong with her wrist, but maybe, just maybe, it'll be the start of a conversation she may have not otherwise gotten to have. Yeah, I was always one of the people that got suckered into asking what happened. It wasn't that I gave two shits about what happened, I just wanted to know if she'd say it was some crazy cheerleading accident. Like she was the top of the pyramid and fell off. I mean that's what I'd say if I were a fat girl in highschool with my wrist always wrapped up. Back to the point....

I'm not saying that everyone's fears are faked. I have a two left and believe me they are WAY over the top, but I choose to keep my big mouth shut and not share them with anyone, because people will surely torture me and I WILL get over them.

For instance, years ago I had this weird thing for wadded up papertowels of napkins. They didn't even have to be dirty at all. They totally creeped me the fuck out. Like over the edge creeped me out. People would chase me and throw 'em at me just to see my reaction. NOT FUNNY!

No one knew about it this total fuckedupedness of mine for many, many years. I even knew a girl once that had the same exact crazy ass fear and I never talked to her about it out of fear of anyone finding out. Yeah, once people found out, they would TORTURE me and OH how they did......I went to grab a book outta my bookbag once only to find gobs of crunched up crumpled napkins in it. Bastards. NOT funny. I decided one day I needed to suck it up and get over it. I was no longer gonna be the girl that got napkins thrown at her by her father-in-law at Thanksgiving dinner. Nope. No more, no sir. I FORCED myself to get over it and (super high five) I totally got over it.

As to the other of my stupid fears, again, I choose to keep those to myself. I made the mistake of telling J about one of them a few weeks ago and now he totally teases and tortures me about it. Yeah well, he's one of those millions of retards that freak over spiders so all I gotta do is grab a harmless little granddaddy long leg and chase him with it. He'll run and squeal like a girl. I've done it to him's awesome.

What I'm tryin' to say is all our fears are in our little brains and we can totally get over them if we want to. That is, if they're even real fears in the first place and you're not totally fakin' that shit for attention.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Filter

I was recently asked whether or not I ever filter what I say. Oh, hell yes I do! My big mouth MUST be under restraints at all times.

I've been told more than once (ok more than 1,000 times) in my life that I have diarrhea of the mouth so if I didn't filter what I said, people wouldn't speak to me, like ever. I would be hated strictly because of my opinions, which are usually horrible and I choose to keep 90% of them to myself. I can always point and laugh at someone and tell someone how completely stupid I think they are right in my little own head and there is absolutely no harm done. It's a win win situation!

I've learned that there really aren't that many people out there who wanna hear things straight up. Most people prefer pillow squishy versions of things. Say, you have this friend and you tell her that her boyfriend smells like ass juice and the only reason they don't notice is because they too smell like ass juice then you can pretty much count on that person no longer being your friend. Just go buy them some soap and tell them it's the best soap you've ever smelled and you think they'd really like it. (No, I don't know anyone that smells like ass juice, but that'd be totally gross and I'm not sure I'd be able to keep my mouth shut on that one).

I've learned over the years that they're are varying degrees of censorship that I place on myself. The only person that I am 100% censorship free with is myself. After almost losing my job several months back over my mouth, I am most censored while at work. Then there are different levels of censorship I place on myself with different friends. There are some of my friends that I can say pretty much anything to, I just sorta rearrange things a bit before they spew outta my mouth. Then there are the friends that I rearrange for, but I also leave a lot out. Then there is my husband. He's always had to deal with the brunt of it all. Have you ever held a fart in all day while you're around people then you get to your car and let it all out? Well, J is like my car. I've held that shit in all day and when I see him I let it all out. He must think that I'm totally off my freakin' rocker. I guess though that he's probably used to it by now even though I'm sure he's glanced at the duct tape on more than one occasion and considered using it.

At the end of the day, what the hell makes me the authority on the smell of ass juice? Just because I think something, that doesn't make it necessary to be said aloud. At one time in my life I knew that I knew everything and had to let everyone else know. Now, not so much. I mean I still know everything, but I'm pretty comfortable sittin' back and lettin' people make total fools outta themselves and if I have THAT much of a problem with the way someone smells, looks, talks or anything else, I can just not be around them. Wow, how grown up of me. It only took me like 20 years to start considering that people have feelings. I think I shall give myself a big fat high five for that one!

From the words of my mother: "If you ain't got nothin' nice to say, then don't say nothin' at all"......

A Little Bit of Drinkin' Every Now and Again

All the cool people do it (even my little felties Frankie and Mr. Gingy! This picture found it's way to me by way of their new forever mom Judy who says these two prefer Sailor Jerry).....
Of course, some of us drink more than others. Some can hold their alcohol, some can't. Some drink beers, some drink liquors and some mix the two and puke out their noses (damn that almost rhymed).

Over the past couple years, I have come to love gin and tonic. When you see me out, most likely I'll have some honkin' ass QT cup slap full of that sweet, sweet deliciousness (unless I'm in a bar). I couldn't count the amount of times I've been asked "what the hell is in that"? My response? "Heaven". Yep, pretty much. That little, err.....big cup has been my best friend on many many occassions. It loves me and NEVER lets me down. Ever. Not to mention it can be one helluva weapon should I ever feel the need to wack someone over the head.

As much as I love my GT's in my QT cups I haven't gotten to the point where I drink everyday. Hell, I don't even drink every week. I gotta maintain my girlish figure after all. really, I don't want my kid's to be all "look Mom's gettin' out her QT cup......we better be ready to drag her honkin' ass up to bed before the night's over". Not the kind of life they need, but believe me, I could very easily be a drunk, lord knows I've got the genetics for it.

What it all comes down to is this......I love to do a little bit of drinkin' from time to time and I love to dance and the two together are nothin' short of fanfreakintastic.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Butt's So Big, It's Been Bedazzled

I have admittedly gained back all the weight I lost from taking fat crack a couple years ago. It was nice bein' thinner and all, but damn, I love to eat and without fat crack, I do eat.......a lot. It's like my favorite past time. There's this restaurant down the street from us that has the BEST crabcake sandwich EVER (I love me some crabcakes! If I were ever to get my knuckles tattooed they'd say Crab Cake) and some very delicious calamari and I will put all of it right into my belly. I mean I might be about to barf half way through eating it all, but I know it won't be even half as good if I take it home and microwave it later. Plus, there's starving kids in Ethiopia so I can't let them just throw it away!

Bein' chubby definitely has it's upside. Like I've said before, I can do one helluva truffle shuffle. If I fall (which I tend to do every now and again), I have plenty of cushion to keep my bones safer. I'm very cuddly and soft like a marshmallow AND I would be much harder to kidnap. That's some pretty good advantages if you ask me!

HOWEVER, I have recently come across the very ugly downside of bein' chubby. EVERYTHING IS FREAKIN' BEDAZZLED or in the most hideous pattern you've ever freakin' seen. I mean seriously y'all, C'MON! As if most fat women aren't self conscience enough, you gotta go makin' clothes that say hey "Look at my fat's been BEDAZZLED" or "Hey, I totally have a front butt and you can't miss it because this awesome bold print shirt I'm sportin' draws your attention right to it!"

Luckily for me I'm not quite big enough to shop the women's section where you can find all these fanatic bold prints, but I'm close enough to where I've started lookin'. I did however recently buy myself a size 15 (oh god) jeans in the junior section at Target and the damned pockets have been freakin' bedazzled! I'm not kiddin'! BEFREAKIN'DAZZLED! I have no ass....none (as I mentioned before in my post about butt panties), and now you gotta go and bedazzle the pockets of my freakin' jeans so when the light hits that little studs just right it'll get all blingy and make everybody in the room look at my bedazzled flat ass. Thanks.

Monday, November 17, 2008

More Fun Than 18 Barrels of Monkies!

Saturday was my birthday and as hard as he tried, J couldn't keep the party a suprise. I knew when I left for the salon to get my hairs did that when I got home there would be people there and I could only hope my hair didn't look like ass when I got home.

When I left the salon and headed back home, you could barely tell my hair had even been cut, it was kinda the wrong color red, there wasn't enough blonde and it was WAY frizzy. You should never leave a salon with rat ass lookin' hair, but I did....not that anyone ever sees me with anything but ratted out hair because of the crap humidity in Georgia, but still, I had hopes. It was nothing a litte gin wouldn't fix so I grabbed my drankin' cup and started.
My b-fri from Texas couldn't make it so I drew a picture of her and carried her around with me most of the night. We ate cake together....
danced together and drank way too much together. She was even there with me when we all had a Journey sing-a-long. I miss her terribly......wah.
It was also a fight night so of course the boys were upstairs for a while......
while us girls (psht.....and Troy the butt) were downstairs. No boys means time to change the music and start shakin' our asses to a little Kanye. Yeah, that's right.....I said Kanye. Any boy that came downstairs was pretty much accosted. He was bumped and grinded into the middle of a frenzy of girating girls. It was totally awesome....
By the end of the night my face and stomach hurt from laughin' and dancin' my ass off. Lookin' back on the night, I'm so proud of J. He really busted his hump to make sure my day was a good one. I had a cake, decorations, and all of my friends. I even had gifts! I LOVE gifts! I'm so so so lucky to have the husband and friends that I do. I love all of you and hope we know each other for many, many years to come!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rev Runs Inspirational Words Yo

"If you can get over your past you can secure your future! Here’s some keys to renewal………#1)You MUST be willing to move beyond old wounds. #2)You MUST let go of jealousy and anger. #3) Don’t look back!!!!… Go forward!!!" - Rev. Run

If you're just plain ol' stuck and can't let go of the past, read this...over and over and let it really sink in. Rev Run knows what he's talkin' about yo!
There's a time to move on and get over it. Quit letting things from so long ago dictate how you live your life. You ain't gotta forget it, just come to peace with it and let it go.

You can't live a shitty life and pretend it's not shitty all the while you hate everything and everybody. All those things from your past become excuses for laziness. It takes work to let go of bullshit ya know?

I have this uncanny ability to just flip a switch. On, off, on, off. I could be done with something or somebody in an instant. It was just a matter of flippin' that switch. I thought of it as a gift I suppose, but in all reality, it was just me not wanting to face bullshit and move beyond it, because that might mean facing some facts that I didn't wanna face. That switch was like a safety net protecting me from stupid feelings that I'd rather just avoid all together.

I still have the switch. I can still turn it on and off, but I decided to deal with the bullshit so I can be totally done with it instead of just burrying it for another day. It's way awesomer bein' all happy and shit instead of walkin' around lookin' like you're smellin' onions all the time.

My advice: Face the bullshit and move beyond it. Your life will be better because of it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holy Crap! When Did I Get Old?

With my birthday right around the corner, it has me thinking about gettin' all old and stuff. I've never been one of those girls that freaks out about turnin' twenty something or even thirty. Actually, I couldn't wait to get older. With every passing year I've gotten to watch my kids grow into intelligent smart assed little people and my relationship with J has gotten stronger and awesomer year after year. Gettin' older has never been any sweat off my back.

HOWEVER, every year around my birthday I tend to get a little down. Up until recently, my birthdays have never been more than a mere blip on a radar that no one really ever paid much attention to. So after years of my birthday going hardly even noticed, I started to dread the day. Not because I was a year older, but because no one (except maybe my mom) gave a rat's ass to celebrate my life. Um, yeah, I totally think my life is worth celebrating, just like everyone else's should! So, I guess I did have a party every year, it was just my very own personal pity party. (Yeah, I'm totally lame. What of it?!? I also cry damn near every time I watch Grey's Anatomy).
In the last few years though things have really turned around. J does love me! He really, really does! He's not just a dumb damn boy. Not only have I had a surprise party, I've had two surprise parties! Yeah he didn't plan the first one, but he kept the secret and he got me there and suffered the entire day because he had plans (albeit fake plans) that I didn't want to do on MY day dammit. The second surprise party was all him. He had some help, but he did it and it was AWESOME. J, you're AWESOME and I love you even if you got a fat head.
Now, back to this whole gettin' older thing. It just so happens that my birthday coincides with the time that cooler dryer air comes around and this cooler dryer air wreaks total freakin' havoc on my skin. Not that my skin doesn't suck on a daily basis anyways, but it WAY sucks when autumn gets here. It gets all dry and peely and cracky. Yeah, and I'm talkin' about the skin on my freakin' FACE. It totally blows.

For many many years, I've just used whatever cheap crap I could find at Walmart to clean and moisturize my face. I didn't care what the hell it was as long as it took the layer of schmootz off my face that I apply every morning. Apparently, my Walmart stuff ain't cuttin' it anymore. It's time to bring in the big guns. That means.......I gotta go to the MALL. Dammit. I HATE the mall, but the mall is where I hear all the good face type stuff is.

So, I'll head to the mall. I'm gonna put on my nose plugs and head towards the hideous smellin' perfume/makeup department that always gives me a headache of gargantuan proportions and I'll stand there in the middle and scream out for someone to help me. I'm sure all those snooty ass makeup type bitches will all come-a-runnin'. I mean hell.....don't I totally look like I got thousands of dollars to spend? Yeah, maybe not, but I got plans dammit and I plan on droppin' some serious bucks on this purdy ol' face of mine if I have to. I maybe be turnin' a year older, but this mug o' mine ain't gonna look any damn older if I have anything to do with it!

Yeah, so take THAT stupid face!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Could TOTALLY See Russia From My House!

Some of my really funny friends (as they so deem themselves) who knew I had lived in Alaska have asked me if I could see Russia from my house when I was there.
Sha. I TOTALLY could! See? It's right........there......Not only did I live in Alaska, I lived at a sawmill in Wasilla where this Pallin lady lives. How the hell did I end up in Wasilla, Alaska? Honestly, I had asked myself that same question over and over. As soon as I tell you though you'll totally get it. At least all you girls will.
I followed a boy there. I was 17. I was smitten and he wanted to go on to bigger and better things and wherever he went, I was gonna follow. I dropped outta high school, packed up my junk, said good bye to all my friends and was headed to experience those bigger and better things. I was starting a new life.

I lasted three months. No matter how smitten I thought I was, I had to get the hell outta dodge. Not only was it freezing ass cold (which I eventually got used to), but we also had no heat except for what came from an open flame on the propane powered stove. If we wanted electricity, we had to use a generator which we rarely ever really did (which meant no 90210!!!). We also had no running water. Yep, you take a poo and you gotta dump water down the toilet from a bucket instead of flushing and we had to go the a laundromat to shower which only happened every few days. Didn't matter, it was too cold to sweat and get all stinky. Crazy huh? OH! Did I mention that we lived in one of those trailers you pull behind a truck? Yeah. It was something like 19 feet long and 7 feet wide. AWESOME!

After about a month, the shine was wearing off. I missed my friends and my busy sweet ass teenage life. I mean, I loved my boyfriend and all, but I I needed my friends more than I had loved him. It was a hard hard realization to come to, but it was what it was. I was SEVENTEEN! I was so ready to go home. I had started to hate Alaska. There's just only so much Yahtzee a girl can play by the flame of a flickering lamp before she starts goin' absofreakinlutely batty.
Now, almost 15 years later, I see that experience as a much different one. I love the memories I have. I cherish them all. Despite how I felt while I was there, I now remember everything in that soft fuzzy glow they use for the centerfolds in Playboy magazine. I saw things I will probably never see again. I experienced things that I will most likely never again experience and now the smell of fresh cut wood (you know, living on a sawmill and all!) is one of my most favorite smells ever. I saw wolves (I even had one for a pet, but couldn't bring her home with me),I was stopped dead in my tracks by the sight of the northern lights (absolutely STUNNING), I saw ginormous meese (I know, I just like it better than mooses!) in our yard, and I even saw Eagles flying around free.
Alaska was amazing. It is the single most beautiful place I have ever been and I hope to go back some day.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sew What?

Clever use of words there huh? Yeah, not really. I'm bored. I need to be home sewing. I have SO MUCH sewing I need to do. I gotta have all my bears to the Spruill Gallery by the 22nd and still don't have poo done.

I'm still finding it hard to get motivated to spend hours upon hours sewing these little creatures when no one is buying them in the first place. I've had just a few up on etsy for months now and they've just sat there.

The whiney self concious part of me thinks that people are so over my bears...."Oh My Gah, those are SO last year" is what I imagine they're saying. Who "they" are, I have no idea.

Then, there are all the other voices (not the one's on my head, these voices are from actual people!) telling me to not be discouraged. They say it's like those for most everyone. The economy blows. No one's buying anything. Ok, then why bust my ass to get it all done? I got other things to do yo.
Combine it all and it really comes down to the fact that I've just been making excuses for not sewing. Today though, today is different. You know what I say today? I say so what! Yeah, so what that the stinkin' economy blows? So what that I have a hundred million things I need to be doin'? So what if I'm only one person and am only capable of doin' so damn much? SO FREAKIN' WHAT!?!?!
I got sewin' to do. Anybody wanna help?!?!

Thoughts on the Recent Election (continued)

Here are the rest of the reactions I copied.

It looks like most people aren't happy with the outcome. I wonder if they voted?

AND.....Just to be clear, I copied EVERY SINGLE bulletin that was posted (well except a couple from one person who wrote shit that was absolutely impossible to understand). I didn't only copy certain ones, because again, I didn't care which one of the dummies won the election.

Here they are:

I knew people stupid enough to admit that they were only voting for Obama because he was BLACK. Are you KIDDING me? Well, what if I told you I only voted for McCain because he was WHITE? OH then I'd be a racist and a bad person! Double standard. People stupid enough to vote for something they don't know anything about deserve what they get - too bad they're going to drag the rest of us down with them. If those idots who were only voting because of race would have stayed home, I wonder if the outcome would have been different? White or Black candidate: if the only reason why you vote for someone is because of the color of their skin: you don't deserve the right to vote.

yay for obama

Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......We won bitchs !!!!!!!!

Screw politics......Listen to rock and roll

This election had a bigger turn out than elections in the years past. That is incredible! Too bad that huge turnout was due to all the afro-american voters that had never voted before who were voting solely on the color of the man's skin (funny thing, he's just as much white as he is black). They had no idea what the person they put into office even stood for. They're vote was based solely on the color of the man's skin. Fuckin' idiots......thanks.

A request to hateful ignorant people.......please delete me from your friends list...I'm to busy Celebrating the NEW PRESIDENT..BARACK OBAMA!!
Tonight was something I never thought I would ever see happen in my lifetime, it gives me hope that maybe my daughter could be the president of the USA if she so chooses, this is a great country. I came here as an immigrant 27 years ago and today made me glad that I made the decision to become a citizen.



We're all gonna die. i'm moving to Canada YES!!!!!!!!!!! OBAMA!!!!!!! Let's see what you got, baby! Don't let us down!

obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama!!!!

My vote had nothing to do with black vs. white. It had nothing to do with man vs. woman. I chose to give my vote for a candidate who I felt would uphold the morals and the values that this country has built itself upon. Let those of us who are worried for America be worried until Obama proves us all wrong. Believe me when I say I truly, truly hope that he does.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Crazy Danged Americans

The votes have been tallied. The people have spoken AND they're still talkin' about the election and will be talkin' about the election for the next several weeks to come. It's starting to give me a headache really.

It's pretty crazy to see all the intense reactions when you're someone like me that totally 100% don't give a flyin' terd. Like I said before, we've been screwed for a long time and it ain't gonna change anytime soon no matter who our President is.

I wanted to share what people are sayin' so I've copied bulletins posted on myspace not longer after the final count was made. I only actually know two or three of the people that these opinions came from and a couple of those shocked me.
It's all so interesting. So very, very interesting.......oh, and so you know the one that drops the N-bomb, was written by a black dude so don't start yer dern preachin'.

Here they are:

It's 12:30 PM. My mom and sister stopped by the house for a minute. I was standing in MY driveway, in broad daylight, and this is what happens.A full size red pickup truck ,with 3 black males standing up through the sunroof of the cab, are riding down our street. Yes, they are hanging out the top of their truck, yelling at the top of their lungs "OBAMA WON".I have a McCain yard sign in the front.Once the sign was spotted, I then hear, as do my MOTHER and SISTER, and 9 year old brother "OBAMA won you FAT, FUCKING, WHITE BITCH", followed by much laughter. Not just one time, but all the way down the street until the truck disappears.

I am in disbeliefs how "set back in time" some people are reacting to this election.All this talk to concern on how things are going to be post Obama's election, stocking up on guns, and getting ready for Civil War 2, seriously?????.... it looks like the only people we should of be more concern with is the "white-minded" folks of Georgia.... cause at this point it looks like there the only ones it looks like causing a ruckus.Grow up people and open your eyes.


Look how easy his job is going to be.......this country is already fucked up. He can go ahead and shoot it in the head while its down ,or fix it.I pray he fixes itI don't believe in him , I didn't vote for him.

I cant beleive how blind our nation is. This man is a radical liberal that will cause more harm then good. He is going to strain our economy even more then it is now, and head us down a path of socialism. It makes me so pissed! I'm just glad I was old enough to vote this election.

I am still in shock over the election. What the fuck has happened to this country?

That Ive heard a lot of fucking gun shots going off like they're fire works go fucking figure. Duck and Cover Lock the Doors and Turn Out the lights.I Hope This guy does a good job Because someone got shot for him tonight
we're all fucked now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even given the shitty day I've had today....I dont think I've had a bigger smile on my face like I do right now!Obama 2008! I can go to sleep in peace now.

At least we got a minority now and they are willing to reason and work with him better than ya average good ol boy kill the niggers stupid ass red neck in the office! But anyway it was a good race but the democrats jus came out on top and not tryin to bad mouth mccain but he jus made sum bad moves so its wutever! And like all the people that hate black people if u dont like america now cus a black dude is president do like yall tell everybody else GET THE HELL OUT !!!

We are FUCKED!!! The only reason Obama is in office right now is because he is black and a Democrat. But the truth of the matter is he's just as white as he is black. Also ask anyone who voted for him why they chose to. Want to know their answer? "Because we have had 8 years of this shit we need a change" What is he going to change? Gas prices? they are already dropping....Maybe the war? Its already half way done and there is a reason we are still over there. the government only tells us what we want to know.
Crazy Danged Americans! That's all I gotta say!
More to come tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On the Outside Lookin' In

You pass by it everyday. It's a house that you used to know so very well. The house is a pretty flippin' sweet ass house and you wonder what it's like on the inside now.

One day you pull up in the driveway, get outta your car and go look in one of the windows. Your curiosity has gotten the better of you. You figure it's early in the morning, so what's the chances anyone will ever even notice? As you expected, everything pretty much looks the same, just different furniture and you're just not there anymore. You go back day after day lookin' in the windows and one day the person that lives there sees you and wonders what in the sam hell you're doin'. Since they really get a kick outta watchin' you all cuppin' your hands up to your face tryin' to get a peak in at what the house is like now, they just sit on the inside and watch. You look harmless enough. Day after day after day, you're on the outside lookin' in and they're on the inside lookin' out.....lookin' out wanderin' why in the hell you don't just come knock on the door and get it over with.

You just can't stop and you don't know why.

Then you wake up.

I Got My "I Voted" Sticker.....

I sure did! Well, I totally cheated. I found one on the ground, picked up and wiped all the schmootz off it and pushed as hard as I possibly could to get it to stick to my shirt. Then I went to Starbucks. They were givin' away free drinks to people with "I Voted" stickers. Then after Starbucks, I went to Krispy Kreme and got a free donut. think, I was gonna go waste my time in line to vote just so I could get a free coffee and donut!

So yeah, I didn't vote. Holy god, the shit I got! "Oh my god, you're not gonna vote?"....."Don't you want your voice to be heard?"........"Don't you want change"...."You can vote for the lesser of two evils"!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. MY voice is heard. Ask anyone that knows me. The two doofuses running for the presidency DO NOT represent MY voice. Change schmange.....all politicians are the same. Neither candidate represents what I believe this country needs.....even in a kinda sorta way. They both have equally ridiculous ideas, which I see no point in getting into. We'd just go in circles. Plus, we've all heard it over and over and over and over. So, here's my totally immature assessment of the two.......

McCain talks like a robot. The only way I coulda stomached him was if he actually did the robot every time he talked. Now THAT would've been awesome. Now, let's talk about his choice for VP. Wow, Mr. McCain was seriously pullin' at some strings with that one. I'm not sayin' Mrs. Alaska's dumber than dirt or anything like everybody else, I'm just sayin' that she's better suited to do Jager bombs with than be second in control and then she'd only be second for so long, because McCain's like 102 years old. When he'd kick the bucket she'd be number 1. No thanks.

Let's move on to our new President. Barack Hussein Obama. Anybody else notice that his middle name is Hussein? No? I totally did. I think Obama is just an arrogant a-hole. He's more of a rock star than a President. I bet he looks in the mirror everyday throws his fist up in the air, gives himself and wink and tells himself he's gonna rock out with his cock out. Yeah, that's what I'm sayin' and did anybody ever notice that his hands look JUST like Cris Rocks? Seriously, that creeps me out.....and as a total side note, this is the first election where when the new President was announced, gun shots could be heard ringin' out in every major city. Let me ponder that for a moment.......ok, I'm done ponderin'.

Seriously y'all, we were screwed either way. We as American people lost control of our country a long time ago and we're not gettin' it back any time matter who our new President ended up bein'.

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