Sunday, October 19, 2008

For Everyone Loves a Parade!

We went to the Little 5 Points Halloween parade this weekend and amazingly enough, we did it without anyone pitching a fit! More specificilly, without my husband pitching a fit. Crowds tend to make the veins pop outta his forehead and weird foamy stuff oozes from his mouth. No, I'm kidding, but wouldn't that be awesome? We actually got the kids ready and out the door at a reasonable time and not an hour later than intended like usual. Our son was Naruto for the second year in a row so all I had to do was pray his hair.Our daughter was a vintriliquist's dummy, an idea she got from an episode of The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. All I needed to do for her was curl her hair and paint up her face a little. This year was a piece of cake! There was no crying, screaming or hair pulling.

Since we actually made it out the door on time, we were downtown several hours before the parade or costume contest started so we didn't have the insane traffic to deal with. Every year, that insane traffic makes me think twice about going the next year. It can be the downfall of any seemingly sane person.
The costume contest was scheduled for 3:00 and I wanted to totally avoid it. Last year was a nothin' but a nightmare. Those people have no clue what the hell they're doin'. They've got one small stage, 100 kids and 300 family, friends and onlookers. At 2:00 they announced they were going to have it. Really? That's not what ALL the fliers say! Since it was an hour earlier than it was supposed to be, there was no one around hardly so my kids hustled over. They had maybe 8 kids including mine to participate. Our daughter came away the winner! Pretty awesome.
Since we had so much time to kill with the parade not starting for another hour and a half, we decided to eat at this new Mexican restaurant called Luna Nueva. My son ordered nachos and received a freakin' TOWER of nachos. I wish I had my camera out to capture the look on his face when they sat them in front of him! I ordered mexican style crabcakes less the crazy hot sauce they dump over the top since I'm pretty much a sissy when it comes to heat of any kind. Turns out my mexincan crabcakes without the crazy hot sauce are just plain ol' crabcakes. Suits me just fine. I love me some crabcakes. They coulda been battered in bat poo and I woulda loved 'em. Well, maybe not, but you get it.
After we ate, we headed to find our spot to watch the parade. This year they had vendor tents set up in the street along the parade route. As if it isn't packed enough already, they gotta throw in vendor tents?!?! There was however one vendor tent that I believe was sent straight to me from the gods. Monster energy drinks! I drank three. Ever had THREE Monster energy drinks? Wow, it gets a litte crazy.

I was so afraid that with the election coming up that the parade would be all politics. They did that a few years ago and it was such a freakin' downer. I didn't think I'd ever take the kids back. Thankfully, this year the parade was rated PG-13 and nothin' but awesomeness.
There was no George Bush with his penis hangin' out of his pants. There was no man dressed up in a full penis costume (Yeah, that was a fun one to explain to my daughter when she asked what it was......I said "It's a squid, now quit lookin'!"), there was plenty of zombies,
bands playing in the backs of trucks, creepy clowns,day of the dead skulls,
and men dressed as women,
but no nekkidness of any kind that I saw. It was good.....never the need for me to throw my hands over the kids' eyes sayin' "You DIDN'T just see that!"

One of the funniest things ever though was a man carrying around a loud ass chainsaw. My daughter, who is 7 going on 16 (I'm not even kinda kidding) was TERRIFIED of the man with the chainsaw. She was practiclly crawling up her daddy's back in a frantic fit. I laughed so hard. Ever laughed so hard with THREE Monster drinks in your belly? Not so awesome. I almost peed.

It was time to go home. We had plans to watch the fight with a few friends. I was so tired yet so jacked up all at the same time (damn those energy drinks!), the kids were mostly just laughing and not arguing on the way home, and J was not seeing red and ready to kill people. The day had been a success!

I love Halloween!!!!


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