Friday, October 24, 2008

10 Things I Hate A Lot

I thought this list would be way easier than the love a lot list. I hate a lot of stuff, but I had a much more difficult time choosing what to add to the hate a lot list. My love list, I coulda gone on and on and on.

I DO see the glass half full!!! I do! I really, really, do!

Now, 10 Things I Hate A Lot:

1. Admitting that I'm Wrong (which I never am)

2. Having a stopped up nose

3. Humidity and what it does to my hair (no, this isn't me, but it might as well be my hair) 4. "For english, press 1"

5. Hearing the sucky noises someone next to me makes while sucking on a cough drop (I just threw up in my mouth a litte)

6. Paying over $5 for a Starbucks only to get on the road and realize the new dummy made it wrong and it tastes like watered down poo

7. Hangers. You know, the one's that you can't pick outta your nose because they're stuck and when you finally do get them out your eyes are watering so bad it looks like you're crying
8. Seeing a mexican woman pulling into the health department parking lot in her Escalade with bling bling 20's and her 4 anchor babies crawlin' out of it. Yeah, you enjoy that free healthcare while I can't afford to take my kids to the doctor and I make too much to afford healthcare assistance. Thanks A LOT! I LOVE our government!!!

9. When one little bulb keeps the whole strand from lighting up

10. People that sue McDonald's because they looked in the mirror one day and realized they had a front butt. Like it's McDonald's fault! Micky D's didn't pry your mouth open and shovel that shit did. I mean really.......admit it. I totally have a muffin top and a gut that can produce the awesomest truffle shuffle you ever saw, BUT...I LOVE to eat and I LOVE lard.....That gut and muffin top of mine, my fault...not the lard man's for makin' everything that's cooked in lard taste so damn good! So shut up and buy a Richard Simmons VHS and DO WORK.


Stitchblade said...

HAHAHAHA love the lard dealer!

jennifer starfall said...

"a front butt"


love it

Josh said...

Don't defend McDonalds.

Our society is dumb.

McDonalds is not.

Do you think that they want us to eat their food moderately?

Stupid people watch television, listen to the radio, and sometimes, though very rarely read print news. McDonalds and other corporations use these medians to convince us to buy their shit.

There were a lot of flaws in your post, but the McDonalds bullshit is what got me to comment.

I found your blog with a google search of "I hate a lot of things", just so you know, I was hoping for something with a bit more perspective.

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

I have plenty of perspecetive homeboy. You just don't like mine.....and thank you for my first defensive comment. I will forever have a special place in my heart for you!

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