Friday, October 10, 2008

10 Steps to Making a Butt Ton of Jello Shots

1. Have your awesome workin' in a restaurant friend come over with a butt ton of little plastic cups with lids.

2. Find some really big ass bowls.

3. Get said awesome friend to do some crazy math and figure out the jello to water to liquor ratio.

4. Boil two pots of for Margarita jello, one for Watermelon jello.

5. While water boils, set out a butt ton of little plastic cups all over the table.

6. Open a butt ton of jello packets (imagine jello flying everywhere....yeah, I'm awesome like that) and dump it all into boiling water.

7. Mix, mix, mix.

8. Dump jello mixture in bowls with butt tons of liquor (yes, the steamy stuff will get you drunk!).

9. Start pouring butt tons of jello in butt tons of little plastic cups (makes a big fat mess).

10. Me and said awesome friend figer out a way to put butt tons of jello shots in the fridge.


Loopy said...

OMG.. I think I just died and went to heaven...

One Happy Tree said...

What the freak? Is that all for moi?! I totally need at least one tray from the top shelf...and perhaps the second tray too. My 11 y/o daughter has got the case of, "I hate the world" these past 2 weeks. AHHHHHHHH!

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Yeah, pretty awesome huh???? and they're ALL MINE!!!! MWUAAAAAHHHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Lori said...

I hope One Happy Tree doesn;t need the jello shots to give to the 11 y/o.
Looks like a fun fun time! I think if I drank then I would be addicted to jello shots. sugar sugar sugar!

Stitchblade said...

That um whats the formula for making a butt ton of Jello shots?????

Stitchblade said...

I just totally tagged you AGAIN

Its a photo one...should be fun...

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