Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Obsessed with Hello Kitty

I wouldn't say that I am overly obsessed though. I don't freak out when I see something with my dear HK on it and the bow is on the wrong ear. I don't know what HK's mom's and dad's names are and don't care. I just love Hello Kitty. I mean, seriously, how cute is this face?

Now, with Hello Kitty gracing every Target Store out there, it doesn't matter that all those Sanrio stores that pop up at the malls from time to time never last more than 6 months, but the best is when you go to some unassuming store and bickety BAM there she is. She's on something that you weren't even looking for her to be on and I of course HAVE to have it.

Last weekend I was at a Japanese store looking for Naruto stuff for my son (since he's doin' so AWESOME in school) and I saw this and of course bought it. What in the sam hell is a Lychee? Well judging by the taste of this "non-carbonated soft drink", it's some sweet and slightly ink tasting fruit. I had no idea what a Lychee was, but it didn't matter. It had Hello Kitty on it and I wanted it.

My love for Hello Kitty does go as far as having a few HK tattoos, one of which was written about on the website A friend of mine came across it. Holy hell, nevermind the fact that my tattoo was on there, this site is awesome! Everything Hello Kitty you could EVER dream of AND all in one awesome little universe. I've picked out a few of my favorites and wanted to share.....

I want THIS cake for my birthday (which is Nov. 15th don't forget to buy me lots of presents!). Where would I put all those hundreds of candles though? Eh, who cares. I would just love having Hello Kitty's head on a little platter ALL to myself.

Everyone that knows me knows that I have an overactive booger gland.....could you see my picking my nose with this babies glued in place?

So, someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night. I think the "chk chk" sound of a shotgun alone when send the would be theif a runnin', but could you imagine this......

And, who wouldn't LOVE one of these Hello Kitty vibr.....err.....neck massagers? I've been asking Santa for this one for years now!
Since I could make this list of have to haves go on for DAYS, I will end with this......
I know it reaks of little Vespa scooters which I point and laugh at, and I no longer have a bike to ride on, but I'd still rock the shit outta this. You know, it'd be perfect for those nights of heavy drinking when I pull out the rollerskates or maybe just to wear when I'm drivin' around town in the Comet. Whatever, I'd totally wear it.


jylie. said...

Stitchblade said...

Awesome! You should submit your other tattoos to them as well lol!

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