Friday, October 31, 2008



It's Halloween! I LOVE Halloween! I just wish we were allowed to dress up at work. There are people across the hall all decked out in awesomeness, then there's me. Dressed in all black. Wah, wah......

I can remember when I was in school, we got to dress up. Now, they'll send your ass home if you come in dressed up. Assholes. Everybody's gotta be all politically correct and shit. This world has gone all kindsa retarded and it's all the stupid crappy parent's fault. They either won't allow their kids to celebrate Halloween because they say it's evil or they don't care what their kids dress up as no matter how inappropriate for a child it may be.

Number 1: Halloween ain't all evil's about dressin' up and gettin' ass tons of candy and Number 2: Hey, Sandy the soccer mom, why don't you stop screwin' your best friend's husband when your's is outta town and pay a little bit more attention to the fact the little Sally's only 7 and dressin' up like a total whore. Snap to it! You're totally fuckin' up Halloween for everybody else!!!!

I don't understand why adults don't give a shit about Halloween. I mean really, did your childhood suck? Halloween is FUN. Nothin' but fun. It gives you a reason to dress up like a total idiot (or a slut in many ladies cases these days, which I'm totally all for) and not have people all eyeballin' ya like your nuts.

Come on y'all! If you have kids, take some time to help them dress up as something awesome and take them trick or treatin' and just stand back and appreciate how much they are lovin' it. Dress yourself up and go out and get drunk or hell, dress up and stay in and just hand out candy.


*****Don't forget to check all your kid's candy before you let them eat it. Even though Mrs. Beaver Cleaver Neighbor seems all nice and shit, she might be puttin' razors in all the Reese's P-Nut Butter Cups.


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