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Hotlanta, Oh Hell Yeah

****Breaking News! There was a robbery in East Atlanta. Someone's T.V. and X Box were stolen....oh, and they're pitbull.*****

I was watching the news the other night and there was this cool downtown tattooed type couple living in Atlanta talking about how their house had been broken into and their pitbull was taken.

Since I have friends that live in Atlanta, I had seen a lot of bulletins posted on myspace, saying "Robber Steals T.V. and Dog"! People were shocked this had happened. Really? You're REALLY shocked that this has happened? It's ATLANTA. Not the millionaire gated section of Atlanta, but the "I live one block over from government housing" Atlanta. Sure your house is all old and teeny and cute and stuff, but you're LIVING IN ATLANTA. Chances are if you haven't already had your house broken into, it eventually will be and you'll be lucky if all they do is steal some of your shit.

A couple of months ago, two of my close friends had their home broken into and they also had a pitbull in the house. The thieves didn't steal him though. They just beat the shit outta've him with post hole diggers and he was shoved and locked in the bathroom while the looters dug through my friends panty drawer. Oh, did I mention they have kids?

In Alanta this kinda thing happens ALL the time . Over and over and over. Everyday. I think everyone I know that lives in Atlanta has either had their house broken into or something stolen off their porch or outta their driveway. I'm not even kidding.

You plan on raisin' a family in that downtown house of yours? What school you gonna send your kids too? Will they be allowed to play in their own yards or ride their bikes in front of the house? I bet when you moved there, you figured that all those neighbors that were eyeballin' you at first would get used to seeing you come and go and they'd treat you just like everyone else. Hell, maybe they'd even grow to respect you, since you had to balls to move into that neighborhood in the first place. Um yeah, I don't think so. It doesn't matter that there are $400,ooo homes two blocks away, the ghetto is across the street!

Y'alls old and teeny and cute houses are awesome, but why put that above your safety? Before your kid's or future kid's safety and education? Thanks, but no thanks. Being able to say "Yeah, I live downtown" just ain't that important to me. I'll keep my big ass house in the suburbs, with amazing schools and big yards for the kids to play in AND that most likely cost 10 grand less than yours.

P.S. I do really feel for the people that had their dog stolen. Keep your eye out for her.

Here's the info:

Black and white pitbull terrier with black eyeliner and a white tip at the end of her tail, medium-sized (about 60 pounds), very sweet but very timid and will probably not come to you if called, extra timid around men and will not bite. Please call 404-784-2469 or 404-451-1460 if you have any leads on Sophia. Sophia's owners ask that you please be on the lookout for her and are offering a $500 reward for her return — no question's asked.


Stitchblade said…
Yea fer real..I like livin OUT away fronm the city!
Lori said…
He's been found by the way! He wasn't stolen after all but merely ran off. I hope I'm not repeating you. I skimmed.

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