Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ugly on the Inside

I have a 13 year old and a 7 year old. As they get older, I find myself struggling with advice to dish out when it comes to certain things. I often think "What would Rev Run say in this situation?". You see, I have a problem with what to say and what not to say. You know, giving out "PC" advice suitable for kids (you should've heard how "the talk" went with our 13 year old!).

The latest issue was brought up by our daughter. It was something we had talked about before, but she took what I had told her and put it into words that were just perfect.....People that talk bad about other people are ugly on the inside....even if they're really pretty on the outside. She said she'd rather be ugly on the outside than ugly on the inside. Wow.

I was actually reading an Old Skool Rods magazine the other day and it hit on this issue. In this case, it was about some guy hangin' around a hot rod shop giving his negative opinions about other's cars. Turns out, he didn't have his own hot rod to talk about, so he figured he'd talk shit on everybody else's to make himself feel better about the fact that he didn't have his own. In all this guy's shit talkin', he just ended up making himself look like a jealous self conscience fool. Really? Men deal with this too? I had thought it was really funny that a man had written this article!
Negative Nancy's that talk down about you or what you have are just jealous of what you have and chances are, they wish they had what you have. They talk down on others to raise themselves up. Essentially, they're just "really ugly on the inside".

So remember, no matter how pretty you may be, the next time you find yourself wanting to talk some negative crap about someone, it's just making you look really ugly on the inside.

What an amazing lesson to learn from a 7 year old! She seems to be always thinking beyond her years!


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