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I know, I know, it's been a bit since I last updated and y'all have been absolutely lost without me. We just got back from Panama City Beach, Florida and in case you're wonderin' that place is still a shit hole, but the beaches were pretty, despite all the green shit floatin' in the water.

We went with friends which is somethin' we've never done before. It was interesting to say the least.
The kids had a blast and that was the whole point.

We ate at one of the best places EVER (story soon to come!).....

....and drank.....

and relaxed.....

Then we came home.....and now I feel like I need a vacation. I got a lot of great pictures that I'll post throughout the week. I'm still not back into the groove of reality so if this post sucks, yeah, sorry about that.


Cooking Asshole said…
That "race trac" mug screams the way I did my Sunday of Remembrance about you and your weird teddies. Hope you like fish!
It screams "I'm at the beach and I'm drankin'! OWWWWW!!!!"

...and yeah, I love fish. Especially after spending a week in Florida....
Tori said…
We were so close! The beach is the way to go when it comes to vacations. You just sit there and don't do crap. And the kids are entertained.

Destin has BEAUTIFUL beaches. White sand, clear water... but we could barely afford the McDonalds there.

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